Unstoppable: The Cheryl Angelelli Story

mobileWOMEN.org Contributor, Cheryl Angelelli
Paralympic medal winner, World Record holder, and Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame inductee, are just a few of Cheryl Angelelli’s accomplishments after a tragic accident in a swimming pool in 1983 left her a quadriplegic. At the time, some may have thought a promising athletic career was cut short. For Cheryl, it was just beginning.

CRPS and Urban Zen

by Daryn Brown
mobileWOMEN.org contributor, Daryn Brown

According to the McGill pain scale[1], Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)[2] is one of the most painful medical disorders, although symptoms and severity vary greatly from person to person. However, it is now believed to be an autonomic/autoimmune disease that affects the neurological system, CRPS usually starts after a minor trauma such as a sprain or toe stub. There are a few hallmark characteristics including pain disproportionate to any trauma or injury that could have occurred, intense burning pain, severe hypersensitivity and skin temperature changes. Some people have other symptoms, such as autonomic dysfunction, color changes, and tingling.

How Do You Work Out?

by Amy Saffell

In our “How Do You…” series, our writers, real women with disabilities, give their real life experiences and advice on how to get more out of living life from a chair. After  indulging throughout the holiday season, our writers answer the question “How Do You Work Out?” might be the perfect topic to kick off the year! Do you have your own tips, or do you have questions about the advice given? Head over to our Facebook page, and tell us what you think.