Sexuality and Relationships Resources

Back to Your Life
A student run site providing user-friendly information to people with spinal cord injuries in CT.

Barrier Free Living - Freedom House Emergency Shelter for Survivors of Domestic Violence
270 East Second Street,
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-677-6668

Beauty Ability

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD)
3440 Richmond Avenue, Suite B - Houston, Texas 77046
Phone: 713-960-0505
Toll Free: 1-800-44-CROWD
Fax: 713-961-3555

Department of Health and Human Services: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Women with Disabilities

Differently Abled Winners Network
A Unique Dating Service for People With Disabilities
P.O. Box 90195, Tucson AZ 85752-0195, (520) 579-7253


A community for disabled singles.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)
Toll Free: 1-800-344-4867

North Carolina Office on Disability and Health
FPG Child Development Institute, UNC-CH, 8185, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8185
Phone: (919) 966-0868
Fax: (919) 966-0862

SafePlace Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 267-SAFE, (512-267-7233), (512) 927-9616 TTY

Sex Support Site
Sexuality and Disability: Education, Advocacy and Support

Sexual Health
The Sexual Health Network is dedicated to providing easy access to sexuality information, education, support, and other resources.

Sexual Health and Fertility After Brain and Spinal Cord Impairment
The Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Center
Vancouver, British Columbia

Soulful Encounters
Connecting the Disabled Dating and Friends Community

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center
Short Hills Plaza, 636 Morris Turnpike, Suite #3A, Short Hills, NJ 07078
Toll Free 1-800-539-7309

Videos and Publications:

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
This book can help most women with disabilities around the world, better care for themselves improve their general health, their capabilities and self-reliance, and their ability to participate more effectively in their communities. It covers every imaginable topic including general health, sexuality, parenting and abuse. It can be purchased for $20 plus shipping at Hesperian's online store at, by emailing, or by calling 1-888-729-1796 (within the USA). Discounts are available for bulk purchases. 

Disability, Violence, and Survival: A Personal Story SafePlace
Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 267-SAFE (512-267-7233), (512) 927-9616 TTY

MOMENT by MOMENT: The Healing Journey of Molly Hale 

Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated independent filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman directed and produced this documentary, which explores one woman's response to the extraordinary challenges presented by catastrophic spinal cord injury injury. This is a film about disabilities, health and healing; about intention, attitude and choice; and about relationships and sexuality.
Individual orders contact: Concentric Media, PO Box 1414, Menlo Park, CA 94026. VHS: $29.95
Phone: (650)568.4340
Purchases contact: Aquarius Productions 1-888-440.2963 (toll free) Supporting website:

PATHWAYS to WELLNESS: Your Guide to the Healing Arts and Sciences, a video wellness resource guide coupled with the documentary MOMENT by MOMENT on DVD.
Not Just Surviving 
Four women who have been living with Spinal Cord Injury for as long as 30 years discuss topics that include rehabilitation, healthcare, sexuality, parenting, menopause, and how to live day-to-day with hope. (40 minutes) Costing $149. to purchase and $60/day rental. To order contact Fanlight Productions, (800)343-5540 or

Women's Sexuality After SCI: Understanding the Changes and Finding Ways to Respond
The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in conjunction with the South Florida Model Spinal Cord Injury System (SFSCIS) is proud to announce this new educational video. Hosted By Marca L. Sipski, M.D. , Length: 18 minutes. The video can be purchased for $10. plus shipping and handling.
The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at The Lois Pope LIFE Center, 1095 N.W.14th Terrace, Miami, FL 33136
Phone: (305)585-1342


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