Let Every Day be a Good Hair Day—Follow the Advice of Stylish Mobile Women

by Wendy Crawford and Cheryl Price

When you are sitting most of the time, there are some important points to remember for beautiful hair. Take the time to really think about what would work best for you. Decide on a great overall look, remember to be practical and resourceful, and the result will be a more beautifully-coifed you!


There are so many options out there, it can be confusing – highlights, lowlights, color, rinses, etc. Unless you know what you are doing, it’s probably best to go to a professional who can help you choose a color compatible with your skin tone and who can best apply that color. The closer to your natural color, the less often you will need touch ups. Highlights show the least growth and only need to be done every 2-3 months. Since the top of your head is more visible than that of a standing person, it is a good idea to be diligent with touch ups. The right color can completely change your look, take off years and brighten your face. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

The Right Cut for You

What’s great about today is that styles are so diverse – long, short, layered, curly, straight... Spend time with your stylist in choosing what works best for you and complements your face shape. He/she needs to understand your lifestyle, such as whether you play sports, what you do for a living, the amount of time you have to devote to styling, etc., before making the right choice. If you have limited hand and arm function, they need to be aware that complicated styles are difficult for you.

Be careful not to get into a rut simply because you found an easy style that you like and you’ve had it for years and years. (This rule applies to make-up, too!) You can keep something similar, but update it somehow, perhaps with layers or a change of bangs.

Short vs. Long

There is always a debate about which is easier to maintain. The answer is both, depending on your hair type, cut and preference. Some find short hair quick to wash and dry, while others find longer hair easier because they can just tie it back.

Keep in mind, longer hair around the face can get in the way when you are transferring, pushing or looking down, but on the bright side, there are many styling options and products to keep it off your face.

Also, short hair is making a big comeback this year, so the choice is yours!


This is the tricky part for most women, able bodied or not. It can be very frustrating when you come home from the salon looking like a rock star, only to find that it is next to impossible to replicate yourself. As mentioned earlier, try to choose a cut and style that’s easy for you and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance like ironing or curling. Also, sometimes the more dramatic the layers, the more difficult it can be.

One simple technique that can be very beautiful and sexy, especially if you have some wave or curl to your hair, is just letting it dry naturally. After washing and conditioning, slightly towel dry your hair and then comb in your desired part. Next, with a product that promotes curling, spray or add it in with your hands and just scrunch the hair. Be careful not to use too much product or one that makes your hair stiff after drying. Throughout the day, if your hair starts to look limp, spray it with a little water or wet your hands and scrunch again. This technique is perfect for hot, humid days - instead of fighting it, go with it!

For those of you who want to blow dry and have difficulty holding a dryer, there are affordable stands that you can purchase to hold the dryer for you.

Another easy and always classic look is the ponytail, which is great for days when you don’t have time to wash or style your hair. To keep it chic, try not to place the ponytail too high on your head (you don’t want to look thirteen unless you are thirteen!). There are tons of cool accessories, such as bands with beads or tortoiseshell pieces that can complement your hair color and outfit. Just try not to make too much of a statement with oversized accessories and steer clear of scrunchies (unless once again, you are thirteen)!

For those of you who cannot style hair well and have the time, one mobile woman recommends getting your hair washed and styled at an inexpensive salon twice a week. With the right products, the style will last and, for the mobile women with limited arm function, it is easiest.

The most important point to remember is that looking our best helps us to feel our best. Often we get wrapped up in our busy lives, whether it be with our work, kids or maybe we just can’t be bothered. The bottom line is that we end up neglecting ourselves. This is not good for our self-esteem or productivity. You deserve to be pampered, so treat yourself to a visit at the salon or even a deep treatment at home, once a week, and reenergize your spirit!

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