Get Yourself Connected

by Vicki McKenna BA LIC Ac

Everybody Needs Somebody
A friend of mine once told me “It’s a lonely word, isolation, on bad days it seems to envelop me like a smothering blanket cutting off sustaining air. Once I liked to be alone with my books and music, then, private time away from people and pressures provided nourishment for my soul.… Solitude was precious because it balanced the pressures of days spent dealing with times I feel imprisoned, like Rapunzel in the castle tower, without the advantage of long hair to slide down.… It is difficult obtaining help when one is proud and independent” This strong and determined woman felt excluded and lonely and was finding it hard to break out of her isolation and get herself connected to the world outside.

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Wendy Crawford, a professional model who sustained a spinal cord injury in 1984, resulting in quadriplegia, spent years of frustration not being able to find answers to what seemed to be simple questions regarding everyday women’s issues for individuals in wheelchairs. She decided to take action by creating a website to address these topics. In 2002, her vision became a reality - was launched and has had loyal readers and interactive participants ever since. is a unique online magazine where women in wheelchairs can find answers to questions about health, fashion, and other topics that are not typically addressed in women’s mainstream media. The mission of is to bring together current and accurate information on issues of interests to the disability community and to enable people to share and learn from one another.

Wendy has stated many times, “Our most valuable resource is each either.” So it is not surprising that the majority of writers for the site have been women with disabilities - who better to share on these important topics? One of these writers is Kelly Rouba, former Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey, author, and tireless advocate for people with disabilities. Kelly, who has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, took a deep interest in the site and teamed up with Wendy to become the editor of

With feedback from readers all over the world, this dynamic duo put their heads together and is now ready to re-launch a new and improved The team confirms that site contains all the important information that it did before, but they are excited to introduce two new innovative features! The first feature allows women to upload their own personal video clips as a way to educate and inspire others through their stories. The second is dedicated to fashion and allows women to swap adapted clothing ideas on the latest looks in fashion, as well as upload photos and share opinions. believes that women with disabilities steer their own lives. Empowered by knowledge, they are having children, pursuing careers, competing in professional sports arenas, becoming community leaders, and living life to the fullest! This overlooked segment of the population refuses to be overlooked anymore and is excited to be in the forefront where knowledge is expanded and success celebrated, thereby broadening the horizons for women in wheelchairs all over the world! Visit to learn more. is very grateful to W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, The United Spinal Association, The California Endowment and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for their support.

Featured mobileWOMAN -- Juliette Rizzo

Recognized as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women in 2008Your browser may not support display of this image. , Juliette Rizzo is the Director of Exhibits and Agency-wide Outreach for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C., overseeing the development, implementation and management of a national program that puts a human face on the Department and reaches across America to the general public and education communities nationwide to explain education policy and promote opportunities for millions of students. In this capacity, she reaches across the nation advancing the Department’s strategic external outreach priorities to key stakeholders, while also coordinating internal agency-wide outreach across all principal offices and regions.
As part of an executive leadership program, Juliette just completed working with the National Transportation Safety Board in D.C., where she advised on internal and external communication strategies for the agency and its modal offices under the direction of the managing director. Prior to this, Juliette served as a special assistant for communications in the Department of Education’s Office of Internal Communications, which was located in the Office of the Secretary.