Twinkle, Twinkle: Holiday Fashion and Beauty Tips

by Wendy Crawford
Photo used with permission from
Designer wear for women in wheelchairs
What are the hottest makeup trends for this season?

The two looks that are really hot this season are: The dark, smoky, shimmery eye paired with neutral lips; and deep red lips balanced with a light eye. Shimmer is big, and the holiday season is the time to shine!

My everyday makeup is fairly conservative. How can I add to it when going out to a holiday party without having to take everything off?

The best thing to do is to clean up any messy smudges and then use a light powder or try a tinted moisturizer for a dewy finish. Reapply blush. Next, darken the eyes with shimmery dark shadow to create a smoky eye effect. Only add more mascara if it has worn off, as a second coat sometimes will clump.

Another option is to cover the lid with a light, shimmering eyeshadow and then emphasize the lips with your favorite red lipstick, making certain to line edges with a similar color to keep a clean line. If you have difficulty with hand function and reapplying, there are a lot of long-lasting lip glosses and lipsticks available.

To keep from looking too made-up and overdone, never emphasize lips and eyes at the same time.