Hey Jen!

Jennifer Addis, mobileWOMEN's new "Hey Jen!" columnist

I’d like to start off my first entry and participation with mobileWOMEN.org by introducing myself. My name is Jennifer Addis, but due to the personal connection we will share from this point on, I invite you to call me Jen. I am a single, 37-year-old woman, living life with big dreams and aspirations. Out of all the jobs I have, I enjoy my career as an Auntie to my six nieces and nephews more than anything in this world. 

On March 16, 1997, I was a passenger in a tragic drunk driving accident. The careless and irresponsible designated driver happened to be my boyfriend and fiance at the time. At the age of 24, my once “normal” life became a life of loss and dependency. I was stripped away of my livelihood, career, dignity, pride and most importantly, my independence! I struggled day in and day out with the loss of everyday capabilities we all take for granted, such as walking, writing my own name, doing my hair and make-up, brushing my teeth, having the function to go to the bathroom on my own and wondering if I could ever be that same auntie as I had been for years. 

Featured mobileWOMAN - Sabrina Cohen

Sabrina Cohen
Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Sabrina suffered a severe C3 - 5 spinal cord injury at the age of 14 in a 1992 car accident. Despite the daily challenges, she found comfort in motivational speaking and graduated high school on time.

In 1999, Sabrina graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Communications, double majoring in Advertising and Psychology. She holds a post-graduate degree in Copywriting from the Miami Ad School, and founded her own advertising company, SabCo Productions.

In May 2004, Sabrina discovered her true passion - the world of stem cell research through Bernard Siegel, founder of the Genetics Policy Institute, and soon after became the Director of Public Relations for GPI.