Featured mobileWOMAN - Alexandra McArthur - Ms. Wheelchair America 2011!

Alexandra McArthur - Ms. Wheelchair America 2011
A native of North Carolina, Alexandra McArthur was born in 1987. Her 23 years of life have offered her challenges and triumphs. As a child growing up in rural NC, Alexandra used her imagination to entertain herself and her family. She spent her days running around the farm creating make-believe games.

Alexandra and her sister, Park
In second grade, her sister, Park, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Soon after, Alexandra was also diagnosed. As her family struggled with the news, Alexandra only felt excitement. At the age of seven, she relished the idea that it made her more like her older sister. Her disease and resulting disability has shaped Alexandra’s life in many ways, but she believes it has made her more mature, adaptable, adept at engaging with others, and appreciative of every day. Dealing with her disability and how others have responded to it has put Alexandra in a position to relate to others and problems in a unique way. Alex has been forced to embrace physical awkwardness, take pleasure in breaking stereotypes, and make the most of every moment.

Alex now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is employed at Davidson College as the Fellow for Leadership Development. She graduated Cum Laude from Davidson College with a Bachelors of Arts in History. Alex enjoys meeting new people, reading, planning parties, wine tasting, and working towards inclusion for people with disabilities.

She is thrilled to be Ms. Wheelchair America 2011. She will use this year to advocate, inspire, challenge, and share her platform of the importance of employment for people with disabilities to promote inclusion. "I believe that inclusion happens person by person and as Ms. Wheelchair America 2011, I'm ready to work towards full and equal access for people with disabilities, changing one mind at a time."

Coming soon: Watch for an article written specifically for mobileWOMEN.org by Alexandra!

For more information, visit www.mswheelchairamerica2011.com.


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