Fighting Temptation

by Cheryl Price

Whether it’s chocolate truffles, soda, ice cream or candy bars, many of us have a food-related vice. There are certain times when these delicious yet unhealthy items call our names more than others, however, we must resist the urge! But after a bad day or perhaps while on a vacation, what can we do to fight temptation?

I feel strong and proud after pushing up a steep San Francisco hill
It may not be easy, but I assure you that it is possible to make the right choice. On most days, I am able to either distract my mind or blatantly ignore the image of chocolate that finds its way into my mind’s eye. Remember, being able to say no to unhealthy food choices is critically important, as “epidemiologic studies have shown that people with physical disabilities have a 1.2- to 3.9-fold increase in obesity prevalence.” (  - New York Obesity Research Center, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, Institute of Human Nutrition, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University)

Here are a few techniques that work for me when I am trying to stay on the right track:

Exercise over Excess

Every now and then, I want nothing more than a piece of chocolate or one cookie. Sure, “everything in moderation” is a pretty sound philosophy, but I find that being able to say “no” to that food item completely makes me feel empowered and the healthiest version of myself. Therefore, when these moments come about, one thing that works for me is exercise. Since the desire for sweets usually happens at night, I’m typically able to do a significant chunk of time on my favorite exercise machine that I fortunately have at home, the VitaGlide. The VitaGlide is a cardio machine geared toward wheelchair-users and I happen to be hooked! (VitaGlide video: Once I get going on the VitaGlide, I forget about the sweet temptation and get caught up in my workout. Then when I’m done, I feel so proud of my accomplishment!

You may not have a VitaGlide, but there are many ways to exercise. You can go for a walk outside, use an arm crank indoors, lift some freeweights, play a fitness-related game on Wii, or anything that gets your heart rate or muscles going! We each have or own preference, so choose what works for you!

A Healthier Alternative

There are foods with nutrition that provide a sweet taste as an alternative to sugary options. Maybe a chocolate protein shake works for you or even a fruit smoothie. Buy carob powder and add that to a drink or food for some sweetness.

If soda is your thing, you can find flavored selzer available to give you the carbonation that you might enjoy, such as La Croix Sparkling Water. You may also be surprised at how delicious water can taste when you add fresh slices of cucumber or oranges!

Find yourself grabbing a candy bar? Try instead a protein bar. I happen to love GREENS+® Protein Bar, which come in an assortment of flavors, including my favorite, Peanut Butter & Chocolate.
Whatever you typically choose and then feel guilty for afterward, try to open your mind to a healthier choice. The taste may not be completely comparable, but you will certainly feel better with the alternative.

A Healthy House
Is your pantry filled with very appealing, but not-so-nutritious snacks? Time to spring clean, regardless of the season! Get rid of what you don’t want to be tempted by, and then when you find yourself debating a handful of M&Ms, you’ll realize that’s not at your disposal. You may be disappointed at first, but soon you will reach for some almonds instead. Hey, you never know!

Not Even Hungry? Keep Busy Another Way!

Maybe you’re full, not hungry at the moment, but you are just fighting the urge to snack on something, or eat a dessert that’s on the menu or at your family’s house? Instead of giving in, get involved in a different activity. If you’re among family and friends, get involved in a conversation. Maybe you need to grab a stick of gum, but once you get busy chatting, you may find yourself distracted? If you’re at home, then get started on that long-awaited scrapbook, go through your mail, or make a phone call to a friend! You can do it!

There few techniques are examples that work for me, but you may have your own idea that you prefer. Write a comment below and tell mobileWOMEN what helps you to fight temptation! We all need assistance with this struggle at one point or another, so please share your wisdom!


  1. thanks for the motivation, Cheryl! i crave desserts a lot so i try to find other alternatives like flavored herbal tea to satisfy. i also will allow myself a piece of dark chocolate(>70% chocolate). it's healthy and yummy.

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