Stacy Kaye Named 2011 Role Model in SHAPE Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Stacy Kaye, a mobileWOMEN media 
consultant and upcoming contributor, has been named a 2011 Role 
Model in SHAPE Magazine (February 2011 edition, on newsstands now).

Stacy was injured in April 2000 while working as an on-air reporter for an
NBC affiliate covering West Virginia and Virginia.

Coming soon: mobileWOMEN's personal interview with Stacy!


  1. Good for you Stacy. You are a role model for all people that have had spinal cord injuries.

  2. airly great post. I just stumbled your site and wished to tell you that I have really enjoyed studying your blogpost. However I’ll be subscribing to the rss feed and I hope you post once more quickly.

  3. Very inspiring Stacy! Happy to hear you pushed through the accident more than 10 years ago and are still following your dreams.

  4. Stacy deserves it! I'm glad she is given this recognition especially after her accident.

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