A Personal Perspective from mobileWOMEN's Newest Contributor

How it All Comes Full Circle

by Stacy Kaye

On the way home from a career networking luncheon earlier this week, I began to think about the personal importance of belonging to organizations and associations with a shared identity. Certainly the older I get, the more I value the insights, connections, and relationships I’ve gained from my academic, career, social, and religious affiliations.

Of course then, there is the precarious distinction of belonging to a group that its hard for me to believe I once knew little to nothing about, never applied to be part of, and didn’t receive an invitation from before being indoctrinated.

“Hey Jen!”--S-T-R-E-S-S Stresses Me Out!

by Jenny Addis

MW reader asks...Hey Jen! How do you manage stress?

Stress! Just thinking about the word stresses me out! Where do I begin? The typical, everyday stresses we all face, such as work, school, bills, children...the list can go on and on. I'd like to say that my life is stress-free--that I handle it with grace, patience and don't let anything stress me out--but that would completely untrue!

One thing I've learned through my adversity is that everything is a million times harder when you are missing your health in the equation. Like a good majority of MW readers, I'm living life confined to a wheelchair, as a quadriplegic. I had no idea what others in this capacity went through until adversity hit me. I went from being a completely independent woman to a woman completely dependent on others, in every aspect of my life, all in just the blink of an eye. I thought I knew what adversity meant, but I really had no idea until I was facing it head on.

Stacy Kaye - mobileWOMEN.org's Newest Contributor!

Stacy Kaye Joins mobileWOMEN.org

Stacy  Kaye formally joins mobileWOMEN.org as a contributing writer and media advisor after working as a consultant.

A former television reporter and for  CBS and NBC Affiliates, Stacy has recently relocated to Washington, DC, with the goal of ensuring women, particularly those with a disability, are part of the political process. To that end, Stacy is working with the newly formed Disability Power & Pride PAC. (This is an independent organization that does not support any party, rather individual candidates that show leadership in the area of disability rights.)

For more than a decade Stacy has actively fund raised for medical charities focusing on neurological injuries and disorders. Foremost on that list is The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, where she previously served on the Board of Directors for its New York City Chapter.

A freelance journalist for both local and national media, Stacy holds an MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism,  Northwestern University, a Certificate in Comparative Culture from the Univ of London, UK, and a BA  from the University of Rochester, NY. Stacy was the first journalist to graduate from the Citizen's Police Academy in Beckley, WV, while at the local NBC Affiliate.

Stacy sky diving!
In February 2011 she was recognized by Shape Magazine as a 'Body Image Role Model.' Under the leadership of noted rehab physician William Gibbs, Stacy had helped newly practicing physicians understand some of the concerns and questions of newly injured patients.

In April 2000, while working as an on-air reporter for an NBC affiliate, Stacy was in a news vehicle that went out of control, flipped several times and caught fire. As a result, she is a paraplegic due to a spinal cord injury. An initial 18-hour surgery saved her life. In her free time Stacy stays healthy with Pilates, KAFO training, charity relay races, and most recently started sky diving.

Wendy Crawford, founder and managing editor of mobileWOMEN.org shares "We are ecstatic to have Stacy join our team. She is a tremendous asset and exemplifies the mobileWOMEN spirit!"