“Hey Jen!”--Age Appropriate…Or Not?

by Jenny Addis

Courtney (MW reader) asks…

Hey Jen! I grew up with a disabled father who was in a wheelchair my entire life. As a result I have always felt strongly about teaching my children that just because someone is using special equipment to help them get around, such as a wheelchair, they are no different than anyone else.

What is the appropriate age to begin discussing with your children the physical and mental differences amongst individuals?

Sexy, New Film "Musical Chairs" Set in Competitive World of Ballroom Wheelchair Dancing

"Musical Chairs," a sexy, pulse-pounding romance directed by Susan Seidelman, set in the scintillating, competitive world of ballroom wheelchair dancing, is now in production shooting on locations throughout the  New York City metropolitan area.   

Sophie Morgan's Mannequal®: A Revolution in the Fashion Industry

by Cheryl Price
Sophie Morgan
Do you ever find yourself strolling through a shopping mall, looking in each store window to see which clothes you can visualize yourself wearing? But that shimmering black gown or skinny jeans paired with flowing top may not look the same on those of us who use wheelchairs. It’s time we see a clearer reflection of ourselves in those windows, don’t you think?

UK model and artist Sophie Morgan surely agrees, as she developed the brilliant Mannequal®, (a combination of the words ‘mannequin’ and ‘equal’): a non-moving fiberglass model of a wheelchair that any male or female mannequin can sit in, which can slot into any in-store or window display and can also be used online.. This revolutionary product is the first of its kind, and helps to call an end to disability discrimination. Ms. Morgan explains, “All disabled people shop, so we should be represented in the stores we shop in, simple as that!” Using the Mannequal® to display an item of clothing in a seated position will help the customer make a more informed decision on how clothing will appear.