mobileWOMEN Introduces our Newest Contributor, Camile Araujo

Camile Araujo
One week after her 30th birthday, Camile was involved in a work-related car accident that has changed her life forever. At the time, Camile worked as a police officer for the Miami Dade Police Department.  She had ahead of her a promising future within the department and all her dreams were based upon her career. Camile’s accident left her a T-4 paraplegic and rendered her numerous complications which she took over two years to overcome. What was most traumatic to Camile about the whole experience was that, during her in-patient rehabilitation months, the physical therapists told her that she could no longer wear skirts, sandals, tight jeans or certain types of shirts. Camile’s spirits were devastated because not only she had to deal with the physical aspect of the spinal cord injury, but she felt as if the injury had also stolen her identity as a feminine woman. 

“Collision - the Movie” Breaks Barriers and Shatters Perceptions

Teal Sherer in "Collision - The Movie"

by Cheryl Price

Audiences loved it when Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz teamed up in the “Charlie’s Angels” movies. Uma Therman instilled fear in “Kill Bill,” and Linda Hamilton took no prisoners in “Terminator.” Well make some room, ladies, because two new action stars are making their way into the spotlight. Actresses Tiffany Giddes and Teal Sherer know how to throw a punch, lock you in a chokehold and knock you to your knees. You’ll be so busy watching their intense moves on-screen that, chances are, you won’t notice their wheelchairs.

When Tiffany Giddes had the idea to make a film, her original goal was to highlight the strength and power of women in wheelchairs. She thought to make a film that breaks stigmas and barriers that society has put on people with disabilities. So Tiffany contacted Alexis Ostrander, Teal Sherer and Katherine Beattie to join the project. They set out to create a fun, humorous, empowering product that would give everyone involved in the production an opportunity to showcase their strengths. Katherine was given an outline to work from, and after sitting down for a story meeting with Tiffany and Alexis, they decided the main objective would be to create a real, honest, relatable story in a fantastic setting. Since then, the team has started to assemble an amazing and talented crew and are in the beginning stages of pre-production and fundraising.