“Collision - the Movie” Breaks Barriers and Shatters Perceptions

Teal Sherer in "Collision - The Movie"

by Cheryl Price

Audiences loved it when Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz teamed up in the “Charlie’s Angels” movies. Uma Therman instilled fear in “Kill Bill,” and Linda Hamilton took no prisoners in “Terminator.” Well make some room, ladies, because two new action stars are making their way into the spotlight. Actresses Tiffany Giddes and Teal Sherer know how to throw a punch, lock you in a chokehold and knock you to your knees. You’ll be so busy watching their intense moves on-screen that, chances are, you won’t notice their wheelchairs.

When Tiffany Giddes had the idea to make a film, her original goal was to highlight the strength and power of women in wheelchairs. She thought to make a film that breaks stigmas and barriers that society has put on people with disabilities. So Tiffany contacted Alexis Ostrander, Teal Sherer and Katherine Beattie to join the project. They set out to create a fun, humorous, empowering product that would give everyone involved in the production an opportunity to showcase their strengths. Katherine was given an outline to work from, and after sitting down for a story meeting with Tiffany and Alexis, they decided the main objective would be to create a real, honest, relatable story in a fantastic setting. Since then, the team has started to assemble an amazing and talented crew and are in the beginning stages of pre-production and fundraising.

When you watch the promo for “Collision,” you will be shocked at the stunts the actresses attempt and pull off! You will be surprised, impressed and certainly will see things that you’ve never witnessed before! Check out the video at www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365110527/collision-0, where you can also pledge to help raise more money for this amazing project! 
Teal Sherer and America Young
The actors and stunt team are not holding anything back in terms of stunts. America Young and Chris LaCentra make up the stunt team, and they truly did their research. Viewers can expect to see flips, dips, dives, and falls. Tiffany and Teal will be training in martial arts and learning how to use weapons for the film. Director Alexis Ostrander describes “Collision - The Movie” as “a cross between 'Kill Bill' and 'Wanted'...” There’s no question, then, that viewers will be wowed!
Tiffany Giddes with Chris LaCentra
Indeed actresses Tiffany and Teal will have you cheering for them in this movie, and that’s just from watching the promo! The script of “Collision” was written as an opportunity for Tiffany and Teal to bring their real life experiences to their characters; both women are paraplegics. As writer Katherine Beattie says, “When you have a character with a disability, actors with disabilities should be first in line for those roles.”

“Collision - The Movie” shows Jessica (Tiffany Giddes), a prominent Los Angeles lawyer, ending up in the hospital after a motor vehicle accident leaves her paralyzed. While still in the rehab she is approached by Charlie (Teal Sherer), a fellow wheelchair user, who offers her the support and resources she needs to work through her injury. Jessica accepts Charlie’s offer, but soon realizes she's in too deep. Jessica is unknowingly being trained as Charlie’s partner in a secret assassin organization, one Charlie has been involved with for years. Jessica, ulterior motives of her own, decides to go along with the arrangement. As the new partners work to eliminate evil, they soon find themselves targets in a much larger game – one they’ll only survive together. While Jessica looks to get revenge on the man that put her in a wheelchair and Charlie seeks protection from former bosses that are trying to have her killed, both women learn that you can’t change the past, and friendship is the key to moving forward.  “Collision” is the story of how brief, unexpected encounters change our lives forever.

Teal Sherer, Chris LaCentra, America Young and Tiffany Giddes
When it comes to people with disabilities being displayed in the media, it’s no secret that “Collision” is breaking barriers. Historically, most portrayals came from a place of either pity or undue adulation. Not so with this film. There's no reason to feel sorry for these characters, but, if these women do their jobs correctly, they'll earn the audience's admiration not simply through living with disabilities, but through the lives they lead. They have great jobs, close relationships, adventurous spirits, and somehow they always manage to save the day!

About the Actors:

Tiffany Giddes has been a performer since the age of three, however, it wasn't until 2007 that she returned to acting full time. Going after her dream, she left her hometown in FL and and in 2008, moved to Los Angeles. There she enrolled in the Howard Fine Acting School, where she studied under Laura Gardner. Tiffany got a few background jobs on different shows, but her big break came in 2010 when she was cast as a receptionist in an episode of the FX show "Sons of Anarchy." Tiffany was the first actor in a wheelchair to be on the show.

Teal Sherer is best known for playing Venom on the hit web series "The Guild." She most recently filmed the TV pilot "One Sharp Girl" and she is currently producing and staring in a new web series she created called "My Gimpy Life." Teal has produced and performed in numerous plays and has worked on stage with Dustin Hoffman, Annette Bening, and James Cromwell. Teal starred in the popular Liberty Mutual "Election" national commercial. She is also in the Emmy Award winning HBO film "Warm Springs," where she also served as an advisor to Kenneth Branagh. Teal hosts a weekly World of Warcraft podcast called "I Hearth Geeks" where she shares her "noob" experiences. For more information check out www.TealSherer.com.

“Collision” will hopefully get into numerous film festivals and ultimately it would be perfect if the film got picked up as either a TV series or a feature. Shooting starts in July. Take a few moments to check out the promo for “Collision - the Movie” at www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365110527/collision-0; be sure to “Like” Collision - the Movie on Facebook! www.facebook.com/collisionthemovie; visit www.collisionthemovie.blogspot.com; and www.twitter.com/collisionmovie.


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