mobileWOMEN Introduces our Newest Contributor, Camile Araujo

Camile Araujo
One week after her 30th birthday, Camile was involved in a work-related car accident that has changed her life forever. At the time, Camile worked as a police officer for the Miami Dade Police Department.  She had ahead of her a promising future within the department and all her dreams were based upon her career. Camile’s accident left her a T-4 paraplegic and rendered her numerous complications which she took over two years to overcome. What was most traumatic to Camile about the whole experience was that, during her in-patient rehabilitation months, the physical therapists told her that she could no longer wear skirts, sandals, tight jeans or certain types of shirts. Camile’s spirits were devastated because not only she had to deal with the physical aspect of the spinal cord injury, but she felt as if the injury had also stolen her identity as a feminine woman. 

Almost one year post-injury, while dealing with some severe complications from the accident, Camile met other women in wheelchairs and learned that life could be as rewarding, if not more rewarding after a spinal cord injury. She began, then, to look for alternative ways to feel like herself again. In the process, she has found a world full of new possibilities and endless opportunities for "mobile" women.  

Prior to getting hurt, Camile was a long distance runner and took pride in taking care of herself. She has always believed that mind, body and soul are inter-connected and one depends on the other for optimal health. Camile’s passion is writing and she has taken it forward wholeheartedly since her accident. Besides writing, Camile is passionate about empowering people, especially women, to follow their heart, listen to their own voice and live the life of their dreams. Camile thinks that it is her duty to help other women in chairs to find alternative ways to continue feeling beautiful, sexy, intelligent and empowered. Each person carries a light inside of them and being in a chair should not shadow its glow. 

Camile currently lives in Coconut Creek, FL with her family and is a proud mom of a beautiful baby girl. 

Visit Camile's website and blog at or You may also e-mail her at Stay tuned to for articles written by Camile!


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