Introducing Matthew McManus, mobileWOMEN's New Financial Advisor

    • Matthew McManus

      Finances are a key component in all our lives. Whether we're struggling to make ends meet, figuring out how to make the most of the money we do have, or are deciding how best to invest, finances require attention and knowledge. Those of us dealing with physical challenges have the added burden of medical expenses, many of which require out-of-pocket payment and bills that seem to never end. Due to an influx of questions and concerns from mobileWOMEN readers, regarding all matters financial, we decided to bring on board Matthew McManus as our Financial Advisor. He will write periodic articles, sharing his wisdom and insight, and will answer your specific questions in his columns.

Wilderness Vacations: They’re for People Who Roll, Too!

by Amy Saffell
While I certainly can’t claim to be a world traveler, family vacations are an important part of my summer. My parents and I have taken yearly vacations nearly every year for as long as I can remember, often to big cities that offer options in accessibility. Even with beach wheelchairs available, I’ve never really liked the effort that beach vacations require, as well as the feeling of not being able to move easily in the sand. I do, however, enjoy the outdoors in ways that are easier for me to manage. 

At least once a year, my parents and I brainstorm where we’d like to go on our next vacation. When we were thinking through where we wanted to go this year, my mom was the first one to suggest The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Family friends of ours with a daughter also in a chair went there several years ago, so we knew that though accessibility would take some research, it was possible. I was ready and excited for the adventure.  
Grand Teton sits behind Jenny Lake