Bringing the Extraordinary into 2012

by Camile Araujo

As the year ends, I am delighted to say that 2011 was a pleasantly surprising year for me.  I took on the role of mother, and I also put on the hat of “writer.” As long as I can remember and discovered that books were written by actual people, I knew I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to write. Then, as I grew older and my grandparents introduced me to classics such as "The Wizard of Oz," "The Sound of Music," "Gone with the Wind," "Singing in the Rain," "Mary Poppins," I discovered I had a yearning to write and one day direct a movie. 

This past year, one of my dreams came true. I am now a published author in five different countries! I was invited to be a co-author in a book called "Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life." The creator of the book is my Aussie friend, Vanessa Talbot. Vanessa brought together 11 powerful voices across two continents and compiled a book in which the reader goes on an inspiring, heart warming journey.

The book is proof to me that dreams do come true as long as your intention is congruent to your inspired nature. 2011 has been a blessed year and I am very grateful for all the opportunities and the lessons it brought for me. Because of the incredible opportunity to be part of this book, I have been invited to participate in other compilations and am working on my memoir as well as an inspirational novel. My memoir and novel are both due out next year.

Also, since my Yoga Nidra article published on, I have received many emails requesting my own Yoga CD or DVD. I am not a Yoga instructor, so in lieu of recording a Yoga DVD, I have recorded a guided meditation CD: The Voice Within Guided Meditation. My CD has four meditations that will help you relax and practice the art of breathing and gratitude. You can find the CD on iTunes or at

Next, I’ll focus on my dreams of having a story on the big screen!

Happy holidays to you all!!

The website for the book "Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life" is You can also visit its Facebook page: If you’d like a copy autographed by me, you can email me at Visit my website at or

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