Congratulations to Alana Wallace, mobileWOMEN's First-ever Photo Contest Winner

mobileWOMEN is proud to announce Alana Wallace as the winner of our first-ever photo contest! After carefully going through all our photo entries and their accompanying written submissions, we chose Alana as our "Ultimate mobileWOMAN"! 

As the contest winner, Alana will receive a $50 gift card, an official coffee mug, and a Chair Flair cover, a fashionable accessory that turns ordinary wheelchairs into extraordinary wheelchairs. 

We thank our readers for enthusiastically participating in our contest. We are proud to have you all as part of our community!

Alana's winning photo is posted above, and her explanation is as follows:

"I hope this photo “wheelie” highlights the fact that I am “The Ultimate mobileWOMAN!”  I just celebrated my 60th birthday – but I feel more alive and vibrant today than ever!  Growing up as a little “colored” girl whose hair wouldn’t grow pigtails like her best friends’, whose legs didn’t work like the other kids on the block, and as child who was told not to dream too big . . .  never did I think I would grow up to become of all things a professional dancer! 

For years after contracting polio at age five, I hid my leg braces, strapped down my way too big 32DDD breasts, covered my fat arms, and felt ashamed of my body.  When dance came into my life - my hiding days ended.  I now embrace my disability and my body in ways I never have before.  I put on my form-fitted leotard, look in the mirror and I like what see – flaws and all.

To be “The Ultimate mobileWOMAN” you must believe as I do that the only limitations we truly have are stinking thinking and lack of imagination.  I have learned that if I believe it, I can achieve it. Thus, I overcome all mental and physical challenges by first embracing them and then finding ways to turn lemons into lemonade.

I hope my photo and life example can inspire others to pop a wheelie and DREAM BIG!"


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