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Tiffiny Carlson

Dear Tiff,

I have type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but I also have a trach and a G-tube, so it's not just the wheelchair with me. I just graduated, just moved into my first apartment, and never had a boyfriend in high school (for my own personal reasons). But now that I'm on my own and going to college soon, I'm totally ready to enter the dating scene. So, as a young disabled women with zero dating experience, what kinds of advice would you give me in regards to basic dating rules, how I should carry myself, what to do with the sex subject...pretty much basic advice on how to become a "hot chick in a wheelchair" too, and not "Just that disabled girl."

Thanks so much!

Introducing Tiffiny Carlson, our mobileROMANCE Columnist!

mobileWOMEN is proud to announce the addition of Tiffiny Carlson to our columnist team! Tiffiny will be our mobileROMANCE columnist, answering your questions about love, dating, romance, and relationships for the mobileWOMAN.

Tiffiny Carlson, a C6 quadriplegic, has written extensively on relationships and disabilities. She has been published in Penthouse, Playgirl, Marie Claire and wrote a disability love column several years for She's dated extensively since her injury and although she's now settled down, she's excited to bring her wisdom to help people with disabilities who are struggling to find love. In addition, Tiffiny is the founder of the disability blog and hosts the disability lifestyle podcast "No Free Rides." 

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