Achilles International: Where Everyone Can Run

by Amy Saffell

As we enter into a time when people are making resolutions for 2013, many of them health related, I wanted to share my experiences with an international running group for people with disabilities, Achilles International.  It has become one of my favorite weekly activities, and it’s challenged both my body and my mind. I hope that you, too, will get involved in the new year.

Growing up in Atlanta around a lot of other people in chairs, I was involved in a variety of organized sports from an early age. Being born with spina bifida, I have good arm strength, so a lot of options were available to me. When I went to college in Greenville, South Carolina, I knew that there would be far less people in chairs around, but I wanted the challenge of creating my own opportunities when it came to needs relating to my disability, including fitness. Just because my team sports days might have been behind me, or at least on hold, didn't mean that I wanted to let my fitness level fall by the wayside. It was at that point that I turned to running and never looked back.

The Best Four Wheels for Working Women on Two Wheels

For women on wheels whose work or business requires pick-up or delivery of merchandise or people (kids included!), wheelchair accessible minivans may be the best four wheels from which to choose! If a standard car “works” for you, you’re good to go. But if you want a vehicle ideal for businesswomen, soccer moms, and virtually any woman with disabilities who’s steering her own life, head straight for a wheelchair accessible minivan! Consider these six compelling reasons: