The Best Four Wheels for Working Women on Two Wheels

For women on wheels whose work or business requires pick-up or delivery of merchandise or people (kids included!), wheelchair accessible minivans may be the best four wheels from which to choose! If a standard car “works” for you, you’re good to go. But if you want a vehicle ideal for businesswomen, soccer moms, and virtually any woman with disabilities who’s steering her own life, head straight for a wheelchair accessible minivan! Consider these six compelling reasons:

  1. Plenty of Room with Plenty of Zoom  
Minivans were designed for families, so there’s lots of seating and cargo space—even with the conversion that makes it a wheelchair accessible van. You get the steering and engine power of a standard vehicle, which full-size vans lack, along with more interior room for customers, business associates, kids, friends, and family. mobileMOMS have the ability to access the back seat to strap in car seats and assist their children with ease, without space to maneuver being an issue.

  1. Rear or Side—You Decide
You’ll have an important choice to make when considering a modified minivan. Will the rear or side entry be better for you? With the side entry ramp (which deploys after the minivan’s automatic sliding side door has opened), you can most easily position yourself in the middle, the front passenger seat, or in the driver’s position, making the side entry more versatile. Some days, you might need to drive, and some days, you may just want to hang out in the back seat with your kids and let someone else take the wheel. Just remember, whichever way you choose, you will be saving your shoulders from the constant wear-and-tear of disassembling your wheelchair and lifting each piece into the car multiple times a day. Down the road, that repetition can lead to problems with your body, and so being proactive and choosing an adapted vehicle with either rear or side entry can save your body down the road as well.

  1. Worthwhile Style
If you’re a real estate agent, an interior decorator or have a career that requires you to transport clients and/or cargo, a wheelchair minivan has the style and space to impress your clients and carry the tools of your trade. Unlike a boxy, full-size van, the minivan is sleek and smart, and the side-entry minivan has room for merchandise, file boxes, “For Sale” signs or what-have-you at the rear, along with additional space on the seats when you’re not carrying passengers.

  1. A Price to Entice
By far the most popular of all wheelchair accessible vehicles, the adapted minivan is quite often the most affordable, wheelchair-ready transportation available, costing less than most modified full-size vans, adapted pick-up trucks, or SUVs. Besides being less expensive to convert, the growing number of used handicap accessible minivans nationwide brings with it lower prices than ever! Extra-good news! Disability funding can often help park a life-changing modified minivan in your driveway at little or no cost to you.

  1. More You’ll Adore
Let’s wrap this up with a few additional positives for the magnificent wheelchair minivan—you’ll get more miles per gallon than with a full-size van, pick-up truck or SUV, and it’s easy to park, especially in parking garages with height restrictions. Because the minivan is considered a “family” vehicle, the highest Federal safety standards apply. And finally, because the minivan is uniquely prepared for work or play, it suits a variety of lifestyles—including yours! 

Susan Hawkins is a writer for, which sells new and used wheelchair vans nationwide. Find adaptive mobility equipment solutions as well as more than 150 wheelchair accessible vans for sale online at


  1. Minivans are the best vehicle for gals cause apart from the space it has, the entry way is a lot easier to open whenever you wanted to put something inside it or remove some stuff from it. I got an odyssey for business or family purposes, which is very helpful to me, I must say.

  2. The car is intended for women because of its feminine design; which makes it convenient for them. I also own a minivan, a secondhand one, I’m glad the car is still in good condition at the time I bought it up to now.

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  4. Great accessory there! Now there won't be that much of a problem for wheelchair users who need to get mobile fast; they can just prop the ramp and hop on.

  5. I’ve been looking for the best car that suits working women like me. I don’t like cars that are too small or big.

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  7. Another good thing with these vehicles is their ramp systems are fairly easy to maintain. The working parts are extremely durable, and if there should a problem of them breaking down, a good deal of spare parts are readily available.

  8. This is nice. Many would try to come up with ideas that would help women on wheels to access their cars. But now they can actually find a car that would suit their needs. Hopefully more of these minivans would be released in auctions, so more people, not only women, would be able to afford second hand cars.

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