Christine Kent Shares her Inspiring Story of Triumph over Tragedy

Alan had stopped by out of the blue; I hadn’t seen him for three years. He told me that he was in the area and he thought that he’d stop by to say hello. I thought it was rather odd, but he caught me off guard as I was unloading my groceries. I had always considered him to be a nice guy, and I didn’t feel any reason to fear him, so I welcomed him in without any hesitation. I had first met Alan when I worked in a doctor’s office and he had asked me out, but I told him that I was unavailable. I bumped into him a few years later at a home improvement store and we became casual friends, and he helped me with a few small home projects. When he came by my home this particular evening though, he had other plans which I was unaware of. We talked for about 15 minutes, just catching up since we had last seen each other. He then said that he had some pictures he wanted to show me, so he brought in his computer bag, set up his laptop computer and started a slide show for me to watch.
When the final picture of the slide show came up on the screen, and just as I was about to say something to him, Alan said, “Excuse me for a moment. I have to get something.” I kept watching the slide show as Alan walked around the couch and reached into his computer bag. I thought that possibly he had more pictures to show me, and sure enough he did have something to show me – his gun. When I heard Alan cock the hammer on the gun, my heart sank. Terror poured through my veins like the water from a giant dam. This nightmare had started at about 10:00 pm that night. But still I didn’t know that within only a few minutes, I’d be fighting for my life. I asked, “Alan, what are you doing? I’m your friend.” Then he said “Put your head face down on the couch, you’re not going to feel anything, I’m not going to hurt you”.  When he told me for the second time that I wasn’t going to feel anything, I thought he was just going to shoot me in the head and kill me because he resented me for never wanting to date him.

 In that moment, at the end of the prayer, I got the courage to pull away from Alan’s grip. I turned and looked at him square in the eyes, glanced at the gun in his hand, moved my hand and said, “Alan, don’t point that gun at me.”
I locked eyes with Alan and never took my eyes off him, not even to blink. I found out later that the reason Alan wanted to kill me was because I never would date him. His plan was to rape and torture me and then murder me. He was miserable with his life, and he wanted me, because he couldn’t have me. I started talking to Alan about God. I knew I had to do something, or I was going to die.
Alan was standing between me and the door. I kept telling him, “God bless you, and whatever you’re thinking about doing, it isn’t right.” As I continued to talk to him about God, I was inching toward my door. Finally, there was a moment when I could run for my door, but then I was afraid to turn my back on Alan, since I didn’t know what he would do. I was fairly sure he was going to shoot me. I thought about kneeing him very hard, but I quickly gave up on that idea, because I was afraid he’d shoot me in the chest. Once I was finally got to the door, I snatched it open, ran as fast as I could and screamed for help as loudly as I could.
When Alan saw me break and run, he panicked and opened fire. I learned quickly what a good shot he was. I was running so fast that the first bullet he fired went through my foot, and the second bullet he fired went through my back, hit my spine and paralyzed me immediately. I heard the second bullet go through my body and felt it tearing my flesh. My right foot flew around my body and landed on the right side of my head, and I grabbed my abdomen as I fell to the ground like a rag doll. The pain was horrible, but by the grace of God I landed on my back. I realize I could’ve landed in any position, face down, on my side or twisted and mangled. At least I could look up.
As I lay in my driveway, bleeding, I couldn’t believe I had just been shot twice. Looking back to my house, I saw Alan leaving with his computer bag. His truck was parked in my driveway. He backed up and came straight for me. I prayed, “Oh, dear God, don’t let this get any worse.” I screamed, “Please, please don’t run over my face.” At the same time, I was terrified that he was going to run over my upper body and crush me. “Oh, God, please, please help me,” I prayed. I put my arms out to my side and closed my eyes as the truck headed straight for me. Then, I felt a strange sensation as the tires of the truck rolled over my legs and up on to my abdomen. To make matters worse, Alan turned the steering wheel as the truck was on top of me and ran over my right wrist. I wished I’d pulled my arm out of the way, but everything was happening so fast, and I was in such a blur, that I really didn’t have time to think.
Finally, I saw the tail lights of the truck that had just run over me, moving away from where I lay. My neighbors heard me screaming and called the police. They asked the police if they should go over with a gun to try and help me, but they advised them to stay in the house and said they were sending officers my way.
My neighbors were watching and saw Alan’s truck go to the end of the street, turn around and start moving back toward my house. I started screaming as loud as I could for help and waving my broken arm in the air. My head was pointed toward the street, and my feet were pointed toward the door of my house. At first I thought the headlights coming back to my house was a truck with someone in it coming to help me. But, when the truck door opened, once again I saw the man who had shot me twice and run over me. Alan got out of his truck, came to me, grabbed both of my ankles and dragged me across my driveway, tearing the skin on my back and elbows. He drug me behind the bushes in front of my home to hide my body.
As he left, he picked up the two empty shells he’d used to shoot me. I was screaming, “Alan, why did you do this to me? Why?” but he never answered me or even looked at me. Now Alan knew I was alive and that I was coherent, because I’d screamed at him. I became even more terrified, since I thought he’d come back a third time and finally shoot me again and kill me. I decided my best defense was to be as quiet as possible and pretend to be dead.
I prayed, “Please save me, God, don’t let him come back and shoot me again. Let me stay in this world, don’t take me yet. Please let me stay, and allow me help others. I want to see my mom and my loved ones again. Please don’t take me; help me make a difference in other people’s lives. My work isn’t fished yet on this earth. Please don’t take me.”
The doctors later said I didn’t sustain any injuries to my legs or hips. But, my kneecaps were damaged, my right foot had been run over, I had muscle tearing and tendon damage, and I had a pelvic tilt, probably from the tire of the truck running over my hip. I had and still have a lot of nerve damage, both peripheral and to my central nervous system, which causes me to suffer a tremendous amount of pain daily.
When the police arrived, they secured the scene, and I began to ask for someone to give me a pen and paper, so I could write down the name of the man who had shot me and run over me. I wanted to give them Alan’s name, as well as the phone numbers of friends and family to call to tell them what had happened to me. I was afraid to give the police my mother’s phone number, because I knew she would be so upset, if they called her in the middle of the night. After I had given the police Alan’s name and the phone numbers of the people I wanted them to contact, the paramedics arrived. I knew that I was as safe as I could be, so I relaxed. The paramedics gave me oxygen. I remember being loaded into the ambulance, and then I passed out.
Christine on the beach.
Before I was shot, I was modeling swimsuits and fashion and participated in promotions and shows. After being a chiropractic assistant, which was where I had met Alan, I went to work at a doctor’s office and had a very active lifestyle. I was in a relationship, hoping to start a family, and volunteering. I also loved to snow ski and had planned a ski trip before the accident. Even though I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the same house I’m living in now, in the winter months I loved going to Lake Tahoe. Also, I had some elderly people I was helping on a weekly basis around their homes. In my off time, I loved to ride my bicycle.
I had a great life and a bright future before my life was changed so dramatically. I was uncertain and scared of what my life would be like, when I woke up in the hospital in excruciating pain 2 days after the shooting. To save my life, the doctors had to open my abdomen and stop the internal bleeding. They removed all my intestines, examined them and put them back in my body. The pain and swelling that I woke up to were excruciating. The dinner I ate before I was shot may have saved my life, because my stomach was full. I also learned I was a paraplegic and never would walk again. But, I already knew that right after I was shot and couldn’t move.
Christine dealt with severe pain after her injuries

Even though I had worked for a chiropractor, I knew nothing about spinal cord injuries and never knew anyone with one. I wasn’t even aware that people who were paraplegic couldn’t walk, and I sure didn’t know that they didn’t have any function from the waist down. Once I learned what the word meant, I had a very difficult time dealing with the impact of what my changed life might be like. I was very discouraged, but I was also very grateful to be alive. My prayers had been answered, and I hadn’t died. But now I had to learn to live with a different body than what I’d had. I finally decided that the way my body was really didn’t matter, because I was alive, and God had answered my prayer.
I stayed in ICU for 2 weeks, one of the most horrible experiences I could’ve imagined. I was lying on a bed that could move back and forth to prevent blood clots. I was hallucinating due to the medicine I was being given for pain. However, the medicine didn’t seem to help relieve my pain. I had quite a few complications. Another little side injury that the doctors and nurses didn’t find out until I’d been in ICU for a while was that my wrist was broken. I was intubated and couldn’t talk.
They found out my wrist was broken when a nurse tried to take my blood pressure and pulse on that arm. When she put her finger on my wrist, I motioned with my free hand for the nurse to give me pen and paper to write with, and I wrote, “I think my right wrist is broken.” I had to wait until I was well enough to go through surgery again to have my wrist repaired, but the doctors put a cast on my wrist. After my wrist was operated on, then I had to wait until I was stable enough to have major back surgery 2 weeks after my wrist surgery. After the back surgery, I had to wait for the swelling to lessen.
So, from the time I got to the hospital until I was well enough to go to physical therapy, I moved from one set of miseries to a new set of miseries with a multitude of pain with each operation. I lived through 4 months of hell before I finally started rehabilitation.
My physical therapist told me I’d be surprised at all the things I’d be able to do. “When you’re feeling up to it, you can do a marathon,” my therapist said. I looked at that therapist and said, “You’re crazy.” I looked at him like he had two heads. “You’re out of your mind, there’s no way.”
I thought he didn’t understand how much pain I was in, and that severe pain lasted for one and a half years. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a pain level of 10, until I had a procedure done at John Hopkins, known as a Dorsal Root Entry Zone Ablation (DREZ).
The doctors cut open the entire area and removed all the scar tissue and the bone fragments from my injury. They also removed a bullet fragment that was still lodged in my spinal canal. Then, they blocked the nerves in the spinal canal, so that I wouldn’t feel the pain that had been in my groin area and my hips.
That procedure took me 4 months to recover from, because they had to pull the muscles around the rods in my back to keep them from being so close to my skin. After that operation, I finally felt like I had gotten my life back, because that operation relieved about 70 percent of my pain.
Another important key to getting my life back was joining the Spinal Cord Injury Support Group at HealthSouth in Sunrise, Florida, the Broward Chapter. I had gone to HealthSouth for patient rehab. After about a year, one of the members of our group got involved in handcycling and became the regional director of Achilles International of south Florida.
Achilles helps disabled athletes to participate in mainstream athletics, with a focus on marathons, by paying entrance fees, loaning hand cycles to the athletes who don’t have one and sometimes paying for the hotels where the athletes stay when they attend marathon competitions. They also set up training schedules for the athletes and plan various types of outings. We also have tune up parties where different athletes are fitted to specific hand cycles, depending upon their needs.
Achilles also works with wounded veterans. When my friend Chris Holcomb became the regional director for Achilles in south Florida, he introduced our support group at HealthSouth to the sport of handcycling and encouraged all of us to try it.  Once I got on a handcycle, I was hooked.
In 2009, I did my first marathon with Achilles of South Florida on a handcycle in West Palm Beach. Completing that marathon was the most invigorating experience I’d had since my injury. I had no pain after completing a full 26 mile marathon, and I fell in love with the sport I had once viewed as impossible. I realized I could participate in sports again, even though I was disabled. I saw just how powerful my upper body could be. I am blessed and fortunate that my injury wasn’t worse, and that my injury didn’t cause death. I was enjoying life again, thanks to Achilles for making such a difference in my life! 
My hand cycle friends and I help and support each other. I also really enjoy helping other athletes who are new to the sport. I want to be an inspiration to other people. I’ve learned since I was injured, that life’s not over after a spinal cord injury.  I’ve just finished my ninth full marathon which was in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now, I’m not as highly competitive or as fast as some of the other athletes. However, I believe that when I finish a marathon, I’ve won. I’ve also discovered that I can still make a positive difference in other people’s lives by encouraging and inspiring others to try something new like I have. I encourage everyone with spinal cord injuries to try handcycling because I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s fun! I’ve also learned that you can’t let a disability prevent you from living life to the fullest.  
Christine Finishes the 2010 ING Marathon!
 Next, I’m going to start training with a Dragon Boat team known as Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team. This team won a silver medal last year and race all over the United States. I won’t be racing, I’ll just be training with them. After marathon season is over, I’ll be entering several 10K races. Athletics has taught me that I still can participate in exciting sports.
One tool that I’ve found that really helps me train when I’m not riding my hand cycle is “Love Handles RX”. This is the first and only exercise accessory that easily attaches to wheelchairs and chairs to provide an upper-body and cardiovascular workout from a seated position. The tension is fully adjustable, and they help build upper body strength. Another product which I use to help me have a quick recovery and keep pain free is called SoreNoMore pain relieving gel. It really does help me to be me sore no more!
I’m also an active gardener. I’m grateful for everything that I have that’s good in my life. I believe that every day is a gift and that my life is a blessing.
The love and support which I have received from the community has been overwhelming. Gracepoint Church has shown me so much care and love, and being a member of such a wonderful church has helped me to grow stronger in my faith. I am saved by God’s grace and mercy through faith in Jesus Christ. My 46thbirthday was amazing when I received a fully modified van as a gift from loving members of Gracepoint Church!
This really helped to change my life and give me my independence back. Now I’m free to go places and help make a difference in this world helping others too. The Kiwanis Club of Oakland Park, and the Rotary Club, have been so kind to help me with all sorts of modifications to my home too. So many people have come together to help me and I’m so grateful to each and every one of them for helping to improve the quality of my life!
I’m so grateful for the love and support of my family, friends, neighbors and everyone who have helped me through this chapter in my life.
This story is part of the Hometown Heroes series created by UroMed and is reprinted with their permission. Headquartered in Suwanee, GA [a suburb of Atlanta], UroMed is one of the nation’s leading providers of single-use catheters, urological and disposable medical supplies, and continence care products.  UroMed was founded by Bert Burns, a former Paralympian and C6-7 quadriplegic. 20% of UroMed's customer care representatives are users of the very same products that they provide. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-841-1233.


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