Robyn's mobileFriendly Recipes - Foiled Again Fish

By Robyn Keller

Robyn Keller, mobileWOMEN Outreach Coordinator
I come from a family of foodies so it was natural for me to want to cook.  I am a c6-7 quad and married to another quad. It's important to both of us to eat healthy but can be a challenge.  What better way than to cook our own food? With my limited hand use, I knew if I was going to cook, I would need to be creative.  So over the years I’ve found some helpful tools and great recipes that taste wonderful yet are simple to make.
One of my favorite ways to cook is to bake my ingredients in foil. It's easy to handle, lightweight and is a breeze to clean up! Enjoy!

Foiled Again Fish

2 Swai or Tilapia Fish Fillets
2 cups Baby Spinach
½ red onion, diced
Lemon pepper
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1 pat of Butter or Brummel and Brown
1 fresh lemon

In the center of a large piece of foil, spray it with cooking spray or if easier, use an easy to hold mini-measuring shot glass (for small quantities) with oil then pour a little on the foil and spread it around with a paper towel.

Add 1 cup of baby spinach and half of the red onion, season with  salt and pepper. I like to dice the onion with a chopper or you can even buy already diced onions in most grocery stores. 

By Amy Saffell

Team Amy looking good at the start! - with Becky Richardson and Amy Saffell
 In an article I wrote at the beginning of the year (Achilles International: Where Everyone Can Run I talked about getting ready to train for my first half marathon. I am proud to say that a few weeks ago, I crossed that finish line! 
The Country Music Marathon was cold and rainy, the worst weather that the race had seen in quite some time. The rain didn't quit the entire time, but neither did my team. Even with gloves, my hands slipped on my wheels at times, and I didn't have the finishing time that I would be capable of on a dry day, but I got into the race to begin with to have a fun adventure, and that's exactly what I had! The rain didn't dampen our spirits, and we had a blast being part of such a big race with so many cheering spectators. It took me about 3 hours to finish it, a far cry from what seasoned wheelchair racers usually finish in, but that's what I love about Achilles. Everyone is encouraged to do their best without comparing themselves to someone else. The weather didn't allow me to have my best day, but I know I'll do better next time.
Dick Traum, the founder of Achilles International, came to race with us, and it was awesome to have him there for our chapter's first big marathon. My 2 friends and I who ran together are already talking about running it again next year, and I'm looking towards doing another half marathon this fall to get another shot at a dry race that I can finish a little quicker. I proudly display a 13.1 sticker on the back of my car and look forward to my future race experiences!
For more information on racing, visit Achilles International.
Columnist Amy Saffell lives in Nashville, TN and works in the music industry. She enjoys spending time with friends, concerts, and volunteering for a local youth wheelchair sports and independence group. 

Spring Has Sprung…Let’s Talk Food & Fitness!

By Bethany A. Hoppe 

Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner.  For many women that calls attention to the dreaded swimsuit season.  For this woman, it calls attention to the dreaded swimsuit season.

Let’s face it…we all have different bodies, anyway.  And when you really think about it, no one body is exactly alike – this goes for all women, whether they walk or roll.  Statistics say that the models modeling the swimsuits and their accompanying standards make up only 2% of the population.  

Let’s get realistic about a few things.  Women are literally dying to fit into that two percent.  Basically, otherwise healthy ladies are damaging themselves to fit a hyped standard.  Women who roll can’t afford to dilute themselves.  In fact, we actually have to pay closer attention to our total health and well being more than our standing peers.  

Guess what?

In the long run…that puts us ahead of the game if we play our cards right.

Throughout the summer, I will be writing a series of articles that focus on health, exercise, and most particularly a diet that enhances the specialized needs women with disabilities need to consider.