Robyn's mobileFriendly Recipes - Foiled Again Fish

By Robyn Keller

Robyn Keller, mobileWOMEN Outreach Coordinator
I come from a family of foodies so it was natural for me to want to cook.  I am a c6-7 quad and married to another quad. It's important to both of us to eat healthy but can be a challenge.  What better way than to cook our own food? With my limited hand use, I knew if I was going to cook, I would need to be creative.  So over the years I’ve found some helpful tools and great recipes that taste wonderful yet are simple to make.
One of my favorite ways to cook is to bake my ingredients in foil. It's easy to handle, lightweight and is a breeze to clean up! Enjoy!

Foiled Again Fish

2 Swai or Tilapia Fish Fillets
2 cups Baby Spinach
½ red onion, diced
Lemon pepper
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1 pat of Butter or Brummel and Brown
1 fresh lemon

In the center of a large piece of foil, spray it with cooking spray or if easier, use an easy to hold mini-measuring shot glass (for small quantities) with oil then pour a little on the foil and spread it around with a paper towel.

Add 1 cup of baby spinach and half of the red onion, season with  salt and pepper. I like to dice the onion with a chopper or you can even buy already diced onions in most grocery stores. 

Place fish over spinach and sprinkle generously with lemon pepper and the juice from ½ of the lemon. I am able to squeeze the lemon, if it is cut into wedges but you could use the  juice in the squeeze bottle, if it's easier to manage.

Seal foil packet and place on a cookie sheet.  Repeat with second fish fillet. Bake at 375F degrees for 20 minutes or until fish flakes easily. I use my Lap Board with a hot pad to transfer the food and I have great Oven Mitts with neoprene fingers which make getting the pan out of the oven easier and safer.
I use a spatula with my Norco Universal Quad Cuff to slide the foil packets on to the plate and I break open the foil with either a fork or a knife in another cuff. You can even eat the fish right out of the packet, if you can't get it out of the foil.

 Serve with your favorite rice and enjoy!

Robyn Keller is the Outreach coordinator and a committee member of See videos of Robyn's cooking tips and adaptive cooking tools on's Youtube channel.

If you have a mobileFriendly recipe that you would like to share, please e-mail us at


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