Introducing "Gadget Girly"

by Julia Dorsett's newest contributor, Julia Dorsett
Okay, so this particular article is not about gadgets, but the idea of this column is all things that make life in a chair easier. I'll search the web and the globe, far and wide, to find simple products that can make your life less complicated.

So as an official, "snow bird" I make the annual pilgrimage to south Florida from chilly Philly. As soon as my wheels hit the hot turf of the sunny south, I shed my heavy leather Northern wear for my effortless and easy flip flops. Yes. I said flip flops. "Flip flops?" you are thinking, on a foot that everything without a back falls off of? Yes, flip flops, because these flip flops have BACKS!  

You Can Garden too!

By Wendy Crawford 

Bethany Hoppe, mobileWOMEN contributor and avid gardener
When I was growing up, we always had a vegetable garden and even at a young age, I thought the vegetables tasted sooooooo much better! Since my C5/C6 spinal cord injury, I haven’t been able to have one because I wasn’t able to convince those around me to plant or maintain one for me for an entire summer. Then one day, I was fortunate to find the Suburban Farming Company, a company that does both for me. It has been a few years now that I’ve been enjoying fresh, organic vegetables all summer long as well as my neighbors and friends because we always end up with too much! Organic refers to food that contains no preservatives, no added chemicals, fertilizers, coloring and is not genetically modified. Organic vegetables are more nutritious but are often expensive so growing your own makes sense.