Introducing "Gadget Girly"

by Julia Dorsett's newest contributor, Julia Dorsett
Okay, so this particular article is not about gadgets, but the idea of this column is all things that make life in a chair easier. I'll search the web and the globe, far and wide, to find simple products that can make your life less complicated.

So as an official, "snow bird" I make the annual pilgrimage to south Florida from chilly Philly. As soon as my wheels hit the hot turf of the sunny south, I shed my heavy leather Northern wear for my effortless and easy flip flops. Yes. I said flip flops. "Flip flops?" you are thinking, on a foot that everything without a back falls off of? Yes, flip flops, because these flip flops have BACKS!  

I was introduced to them by a friend from England no less, who shops for the them while she is visiting her family in Jamaica.  I asked her to pick my up as many as she could find and have been wearing them at least five days a week ever since.  It is so refreshing to be able to now throw on a casual look and complete it with casual shoes that stay on and stay put.  You don't need to fly to Jamaica to find them, they are easily found at or in specialty shoe shops everywhere. 

As a wheelchair user I am always struggling to find cute low profile shoes to wear and with the exodus, finally of the mule shoe, backs are back!  And now that the maxi dress is becoming and hopefully staying all the rage, dressing in a chair has gotten so much easier and a little more effortless. 
Roll Happy!
The "Gadget Girly"

Julia Stockton Dorsett always fancied herself a right brain thinker and then the sports bug bit her. After competing in the 2004 Paralympics in wheelchair tennis Julia went on to do two sailing campaigns. Now semi-retired from sports she wants to work on her slightly atrophied right brain and get back to writing! How is she doing? :-)

If you know of any helpful gadgets that you would like to share, please contact us at


  1. Dear Gadget Girly -

    I am a rehab professional with a new patient on our hospital unit with high level SCI (currently on vent support). She is very bright, active, healthy, has kids. Please give me your best ideas of resources for her (and her husband) as they re-shape their family life and she discovers new activities. Links are very welcome, as are good books to receommend. Please write to me at

  2. Thanks for your inquiry. It would be easier for you to let me know what she is interested in and then I can research possibilities for her. Cheers-

  3. Hello, I'm French and also in a wheelchair, I practice wheelchair tennis for 15 years and I have followed your results in your career. Thank you for this new shoe site I do not know, I like to be naughty :-) and like you I still have the same problem with fli flops that fall, also? Would you have a photo of your fli flops worn in your chair? I would like to have an idea before buying.

    Again thank you for the information, I hope my English is not too bad!

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