Gadget Girly Tries Out Smart Home Automation with the Belkin WeMo

"Gadget Girly" Julia Dorsett
As a globe trotter, I am always looking for gadgets to help me when I prepare to leave the house for a trip. Light timers are good, but with power outages and daylight savings time, they can fail as a reliable sources of security. Enter the Belkin WeMo. This fun, little gadget allows the user to control any outlet in the house with a smartphone; it's the latest in smart home automation. 

Setup is very simple. Plug in the modular unit, connect to your WiFi, select the WeMo option, open the WeMo app (download from ITunes) name each of your devices and you are ready to go. I used it on several lights, but you can plug in anything. Start your coffee from bed, turn on your table fan from across the room or fill the room with your favorite jams before you even enter your house. I found the setup very easy and just last night sat in my car and turned all my lights on from the car! Very cool! The WeMo even has a motion sensor which allows you to trigger any outlet when you pass by the motion detector. I have mine set up at my front door, so as I enter my house a hall light goes on.  You can also use the small button located on the outlet device to turn your appliance on and off. So, not only does this system enable you to turn your stuff on/off from 30,000 feet in the air,  you can also light up the house with a simple swipe on your smartphone as you sit on the couch watching the sun set.  

I would highly recommend this system, which is expandable, to anyone that is not intimated by technology and feels comfortable with their smartphone. I have read some not so good reviews on this product, but as of three weeks, I have been quite happy with my WeMo system.

Julia Stockton Dorsett always fancied herself a right brain thinker and then the sports bug bit her. After competing in the 2004 Paralympics in wheelchair tennis Julia went on to do two sailing campaigns. Now semi-retired from sports she wants to work on her slightly atrophied right brain and get back to writing! How is she doing? :-)

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