Gadget Girly Glows with Her First Spray Tan

By Julia Dorsett's contributor, Gadget Girly

I had an invite to the North Shore Animal League's (the largest no kill animal shelter in the world) annual fundraiser and wanted to look healthy and radiant. So instead of damaging my body with a fake tan from a tanning bed, I decided to give the ole spray tan a whirl.  I was lucky enough to find a mobile spray tan company that would come to my house and tan me in the comfort of my own home.

Before spray tan

This was great on so many levels!  As a wheelchair user, I knew the logistics of a spray tan would be a challenge, as standing is not an option.  When "Stop and Glow Mobile Spray Tanning" showed up, on time, we worked together to figure out the best way to tan my seated self.  Being a T-12 para made the process pretty effortless as I could easily transfer to a stool where there was no back rest to get in the way of my new glamorous glow.  A higher level injury could however cover their wheelchair with trash bags, not so glamorous, but very affective and get some help leaning forward to reach the tannee's back.

"Stop and Glow Mobile Spray Tanning" brings a pop up tent to roll or sit in as they spray to protect your carpet and surrounding furniture. My tanner was very helpful holding my legs as we sprayed behind and under to get the most even tan.  The whole process took about 25 minutes and my chair never got a bit of residual gook on it after I got back in.  I wore a T-shirt and simply wrapped a towel around me as the solution dried.  I was instructed not to shower for 24 hours so I would get the best results and then not to rub with a wash cloth when I do.

The preparations were just as easy.  I just needed to exfoliate in the shower and no cream or deodorant afterwards.  I did an ok job of using the loofa and was worried that my lack of diligence in this department would effect my tan, but it didn't.  I think I was worried about streaking and looking orange, but those are fears of the past.  The spray tans are nothing like the old school bottle tans that we grew up with. My tan looked natural and streak free. I opted for the "glow" look, but you can go as dark as want, it's all up to you.
After and glowing!

That is another reason why the spray tan is such a better option.  Unlike tanning beds, you can have a dark tan instantly and safely! The tan mellowed quite a bit after I showered, which is what I wanted, but next time I might go darker.  Another bonus of the spray tan are the natural moisturizers in the organic based solution they used.  I never felt sticky or tacky, but it did come off a little on my clothes and sheets.  No worries though - one washing and it all disappeared, but not my tan it lasted for over a week and only set me back 40 bucks.
Gadget Girly, Julia Dorsett (clockwise), Mark Knight, Beth and Howard Stern
So the next time you have a special event or just want a fun splash of color, I suggest a spray tan. Glamorous and safe, it will make you feel like you just got back from a vacation in the islands, but without the cost of a plane ticket or a sunburn.

Happy Glowing!
Gadget Girly

For more info on the North Shore Animal League please visit their website and help support animals in need.

Julia Stockton Dorsett always fancied herself a right brain thinker and then the sports bug bit her. After competing in the 2004 Paralympics in wheelchair tennis Julia went on to do two sailing campaigns. Now semi-retired from sports she wants to work on her slightly atrophied right brain and get back to writing! How is she doing? :-)

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