The World Awaits, Thanks to TravAbility Properties

by Cheryl Price

There’s nothing better than taking a well-deserved vacation with family or friends. The escape from mundane, daily life can be quite refreshing! For those of us with physical challenges, planning a getaway is more complicated, though, because accessible accommodations are not always easy to find. I know I have had many stressful incidences with non-accessible hotel rooms that were supposed to meet my needs, and I’ve also spent frustrating hours searching for ADA compliant rentals and vacation homes.

Thanks to mobileWOMAN Deborah Davis, who was recently featured as “New Mobility” magazine’s Person of the Year, there is now a central location for which to find accessible accommodations:! This new and exciting website provides an excellent resource for you to find accessible home swaps, long term rentals, sales and vacation homes throughout the world. As the site has just launched, mobileWOMEN readers are invited to become complimentary members and some of the first to be a part of this promising new project.
Deborah Davis at one of the TravAbility Properties

The option of home swapping is especially exciting to me because ever since I watched the film “The Holiday” years ago, I’ve wanted to become the characters played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. But house swapping and wheelchair access just seemed like an endeavor more time-consuming than I was willing to take on….Now, though, TravAbility Properties will take the stress out and make this vision a reality! Sign me up!
An accessible bathroom in one of the TravAbility Properties

Here are some benefits of joining TravAbility Properties: 

  Their property website has been custom built to include detailed accessibility data both for your property and for the local area. You can gather all or as much of the information as you wish in the property forms provided.

  TravAbility Properties personnel contacts each of their listings to qualify their listing and help them to best feature their properties and accessibility features. That way you know selected properties are real and up to date.

  The site provides sample agreements for you to use with your swap partner or you can design your own.

  Use the Map search feature to help you pin point where in the World homes are listed and start to think outside the box and dream of the possibilities!

Through the success of this site, travel will be made less stressful and more affordable with truly accessible home exchanges and vacation rentals; selling or renting an accessible home or apartment will be easily facilitated, and a world of opportunities for all of us with mobility accessibility needs will be a click away! TravAbility Properties will soon add other fun features, including a Classifieds Section and a “Marketplace” where realtors, contractors, equipment rentals and more can be listed as resources to homeowners and renters. 

About TravAbility Properties Creator, Deborah Davis

As Co-Founder, Owner—and the inspiration for—PUSHLiving Enterprises and its divisions, and its newest venture, Deborah Davis oversees the firm’s mandate to “push the boundaries of inclusive travel, design and living.” is dedicated to inclusive tourism through education, advocacy and accessibility information for the world’s best travel destinations, while provides a specialized stock photo library aiming to increase imagery of people with disabilities in the tourism, leisure and lifestyle mediums. Deborah was involved in a car accident at age 18, sustaining a C6/7 spinal cord injury, resulting in incomplete quadriplegia. That, however, has not prevented her from living a fulfilling life as a businesswoman, a wife, a mother of two girls and an extensive world traveler. Indeed, as an active and accomplished individual, Deborah's goal is to help create a world more inclusive for all individuals.


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