Robyn's mobileFRIENDLY Recipe - Balsamic Tomato Tilapia

mobileWOMEN Contributor, Robyn Keller
Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I have enough of winter and everything that goes with it, including heavy food!
The following recipe is light and summer-like with grape tomatoes which are always easy to find any time of year. In fact, emerging science suggests that tomatoes, which contain the antioxidant, lycopene, are one of the best cancer fighting foods. Cooking actually boosts it's antioxidant power. Not to mention, a full cup of grape or cherry tomatoes contains only 27 calories providing 1.8 grams of fiber, 6 grams of complex carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein.
So, give this recipe a try and envision warmer days soon to come!

Balsamic Tomato Tilapia

2 Tilapia Fish Fillets
Butter or Brummel and Brown
Lemon Herb Seasoning
1 small container of grape tomatoes, halved (I use a serrated knife with a universal cuff)
¼ of a red onion, diced (You can purchase already diced in grocery store)
Balsamic Vinaigrette (I make Good Seasons Italian with balsamic vinegar)
Parmesan Cheese
Pepper to taste
1 Box of Near East Olive Oil and Roasted Garlic Couscous, prepared

Place fish in baking dish and pad with butter, to taste, and sprinkle with lemon herb seasoning.

In a small bowl, put sliced tomatoes and onions, drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette to coat, add 1 tablespoon parmesan cheeses and pepper to taste.  (I use a small mixing bowl with a ring handle, that way I can hook my finger in the ring and use one hand to pour the tomato mixture over the fish and my other to help scoop the mixture out of the bowl.)

Pour over fish and sprinkle with more cheese.
Bake at 375 until bubbly and fish flakes easily
Serve over prepared Couscous.  ENJOY!

Robyn Keller is the Outreach coordinator and a committee member of See videos of Robyn's cooking tips and adaptive cooking tools on's Youtube channel.

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