Beauty On Wheels

By Katie Rodriguez Banister

En guard mirror
I see you taunting me in my chair
So shiny and gleaming
The morning rise
I rub my eyes and peep into your flat form
I’ve seen enough!
I want to start my day rolling
In empowering ways
If I sit before you too long
I might not leave the house
You reflect my soul’s suitcase
A wheeler who rides
Let’s pimp that ride
Your response? 
“Not so much”
There’s another blemish
A new wrinkle there
And what’s with all the chin hair?
Tweezers to the rescue
Ouch! Hey! That hurt!
Sake of beauty
Sake of beauty
Be kind to me glass
Reflecting what is before you
The truth
There are days
I cannot and will not
Handle the truth!
Real beauty comes from the inside
Beauty’s form we cannot hide
I use to think beauty was skin deep
Facials and peels and a good night’s sleep
Ageing in my chair
Has taught me to think in different ways
No more riding the beauty craze
I turned off the TV
To see the real me
I looked in the mirror and a great surprise
I decided, “I’m not buying the media’s lies”
My skins not perfect and my hair can be a mess
But I now look into my mirror and roll on with finesse
Katie Rodriguez Banister, pictured with her husband Steve, co-founded and is a speaker, author, and actor who enjoys sharing her perspective with the hope to help and empower others. Katie has been a woman on wheels since an auto accident in 1990, at the age of twenty-five, who believes you may not always be in control of what happens but you can control how you react to it.  It’s not easy, but knowledge is power and please note; Katie’s a work in progress.


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