The Raw Beauty Project NYC Teams Up with the Reeve Foundation to Host a Groundbreaking Photography Exhibit

To challenge the definition of beauty, The Raw Beauty Project NYC will unveil photos of twenty women living with physical disabilities founder, Wendy Crawford

To ignite a global conversation and transform stereotypes, The Raw Beauty Project NYC has partnered with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to showcase an exhibit of photographs featuring twenty women living with various types of disabilities. Proving there is no singular definition of beauty, the photographs will be unveiled at ACA Galleries on September 20, 2014, with proceeds from the event benefiting the Reeve Foundation.

Lucky Wheeling Soul

by Katie Rodriguez Banister

I sat with God before I arrived
Requesting abilities until age twenty-five
A planned accident put me in a chair
Some would say with a life so
I chose this life because I had to learn
And I know after there is no hell to burn

Wilderness Inquiry’s Kayaking Trip

by Kara Aiello

Well, it’s summer time again and what better way to enjoy it and beat the heat, then to get out and play in the water.  And as someone who considers herself a fish, the water is where I love to be.  Recently, I wrote an article about a wonderful organization called Wilderness Inquiry (WI) who are out of Minneapolis and provide trips for people both nationally and internationally.  I took a dog sled trip with them in Northern Minnesota back in 2011 along the Canadian border and had the time of my life. But this was not my first trip with them. Back in 2004, I took my first summer excursion in which I went Kayaking on Lake Superior while camping on the Apostle Islands.

Empowerment in Employment

by Christinne Rudd

As kids, everyone has spent some time dreaming about what they want to do for a career when they grow up.  Being a person with a disability may not even be a factor when choosing a career path.  Someone once told me people choose their career path subconsciously, not only based on what they enjoy doing, but also based on their personal strengths.  Not only did that statement sound logical to me at the time; but makes a lot of sense even today.