Lucky Wheeling Soul

by Katie Rodriguez Banister

I sat with God before I arrived
Requesting abilities until age twenty-five
A planned accident put me in a chair
Some would say with a life so
I chose this life because I had to learn
And I know after there is no hell to burn
You’ve got to know when it’s time to grow
When to hang on and when to let go
For I am light and so are you
Together there is nothing that two can’t do
It’s just different for wheelers
We have the same souls
Instead of walking we get to roll

For we each have a talent and gifts to share
Don’t get caught up in what is or isn’t fair
I know our soul’s purpose is to love everyone
Yes, I know loving some isn’t fun
But there in there is the test you must pass
When you’re reeling and pissed off
Is time that you should laugh

Wake up people!
The Universe is whole
Everyone counts
Each a lucky soul
It’s best to learn your lesson
Or repeat is your reward
Overcoming your challenges
With a smile not a sword

No one has a monopoly
On religion or their pain
Because when it truly comes to being
Yep, we’re all the same
But anger separates us
Conflicting with our beliefs
You can see it on the TV
Mountain building grief
Who am I to tell you?
What you think is wrong
Having peace within your chair?
Go ahead and sing your song

I ask for your compassion
Because we are different beings
If you don’t control another’s soul
Then the beauty you’ll be seeing

I accept my physical challenge
And I look forward to my life review
Because my memory really sucks
I know God will have a clue
The third dimension is school
And I hope you learn a lot
Let others be who they are
And feel lucky for what you got!

Katie Rodriguez Banister, pictured with her husband Steve, co-founded and is a speaker, author, and actor who enjoys sharing her perspective with the hope to help and empower others. Katie has been a woman on wheels since an auto accident in 1990, at the age of twenty-five, who believes you may not always be in control of what happens but you can control how you react to it.  It’s not easy, but knowledge is power and please note; Katie’s a work in progress. 


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