We are Fortunate

by Katie Rodriguez Banister
I hope you realize how lucky you are to be alive, here and now.  You should value every experience regardless of your situation. Everything is a learning opportunity; both perceived good and bad or light and dark.  My friend Blindcat, yes he is, and I wrote “Lucky Soul,” to help others appreciate the present because yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. 

Many of us fluctuate between depression and anxiety.  I was diagnosed with depression about a month and a half post injury.  I was often so sad I couldn’t sleep.  But with the help of my psycho-therapist and a medicine that allows me to sleep, the old Katie came back and I haven’t stopped since.  The past has no power over me.  Yes, I lament my losses from time to time but I can pull myself out of it much easier now.

Anxiety can be just as debilitating.  I know a young woman who has problems leaving her home and making new friends.  She’s often more paralyzed than I am.

I want you to be aware of the following. If you can read this it means you are alive and can breathe, that you have access to a computer or phone, you have experienced some form education, and if you’re like me you have survived an accident or health challenge that you continue to strive to overcome.

So hang in there it beats the alternative!

Katie (far left), Blindcat and his wife, Sandy


I sat with my Higher Power before I arrived
Requested abilities till twenty-five
Our planned accident put me in a chair.
Some would say seemingly unfair.
I chose this life. I had to learn.
Now I know after there’s no hell to burn.
You’ve got to know when to let go. Make time to grow.
For I am light and so are you.
Put on earth to do what we do.
I am a wheeler. l have a soul.
Instead of being able to walk I get to roll.

Wake up ….the Universe is whole
Each and every one of us a lucky lucky soul

Everyone has talents a gift to share.
Don’t get caught up in what is or isn’t fair.
A soul’ mission is to love everyone.
Yes, I know Loving some isn’t fun.
But there in there is the test you must pass. 
When you’re feeling reeling is the time that you should laugh.

No one owns religion or pain.
We play the same game.
But anger is blinding conflicting beliefs.
You can see it on TV building mountains out of grief.
I ask for compassion. You and me.
Don’t control another’s soul and the beauty you’ll see.

I accept my life and then after, my review.
 My memory totally sucks but the Higher Power’ll have a clue!
Living is school. I’m still learning a lot.
Let others be who they are and feel lucky for what you got!

 Though I soar through darkness truth is my light. 
Take my hand as we fly through the night.
We ask not for your pity only your understanding.
Take heed there but for the grace of God go I.

Close your eyes and journey with me as we paint the sky with sound
Using colors from a rainbow.
 In our world, there is no darkness.
Our lucky soul shines as we teach others of truth and beauty.
We are brothers, we are sisters. 
We are the spark.  We are the light. 
We are the fire and our time is eternal
So close your useless eyes and journey with me!

Wake up ….the Universe is whole. Each and every one of us a lucky lucky soul.

Katie Rodriguez Banister co-founded http://www.access-4-all.com/ and is a speaker, author, and actor who enjoys sharing her perspective with the hope to help and empower others. Katie has been a woman on wheels since an auto accident in 1990, at the age of twenty-five, who believes you may not always be in control of what happens but you can control how you react to it.  It’s not easy, but knowledge is power and please note; Katie’s a work in progress.
Her CD “Beauty In The Lou” will drop Mid-June and available  www.Access-4-All.com

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