Dazzle this New Year's Eve with a New Makeup Look

by Kirsy Rodriguez
Kirsy Rodriguez
New Year's Eve, the day where many of us gather with our family and friends to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one with sparkles and lots of cheer. 

Ever since I was a little girl, this was one of my favorite celebrations. One of the reasons why is because my family had a tradition of ringing in the new year wearing a brand-new outfit. Growing up we didn't have much, so this tradition was always very special. Of course there were years when we didn't have enough money to buy new outfits, but my mom always managed to for us to have a little something. Whether that was a new hair clip for me or a simple T-shirt for my brothers, she always wanted us to at least have something that we'd never used before to welcome the new year. That was always special to me.

Now as an adult I have adapted this little family tradition into something a bit different and that is with my makeup. I mean, don't get me wrong. I still enjoy wearing a brand-new outfit to welcome the new year, but there have been years that I've had to rock not-so-new clothing which is absolutely fine. When that's happened, I just made up for it by doing a new makeup look specifically for New Year's. And if you are a makeup lover such as myself, New Year's is one of those days when you can really go all out when it comes to your makeup look. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.

This year I figured it would be wonderful to share with you all a look, hoping that it might inspire you to start a little tradition of your own. Makeup, to me, is so much fun and it's how I like to express myself, especially since it's one of those things that I can physically do all on own without the assistance of an aid. 

So, my lovely mobileWOMEN, I hope this look I created inspires you to perhaps try
something new that you weren't thinking about previously. For example: a smokey eye with a dash of sparkle or simply a bold lipstick with a fierce eyeliner and a delicious highlight. You don't have to re-create the entire look, just go with what feels comfortable. That's what makeup is partly about. But, hey, if this inspires you to re-create the entire look on yourself, then awesome! Just don't forget to take that selfie! We would all love to see it! (For my version, please see my step by step video below.)

With that said; I wish you all the most wonderful new year. May it bring many blessings and new opportunities for you all!

Much love,


Kirsy Rodriguez is 32 years old and was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in New York City. Kirsy was born with a benign tumor between c2-c7 of the spine. Though she was able to walk when younger (with some difficulty) it wasn't until her second surgery to reduce the size of the tumor in 1996 that left her requiring a wheelchair for mobility. In recent year her physical condition has decreased but her spirit and will to overcome the barriers that she sometimes faces have only gotten stronger. 
After graduating high school she briefly worked with a theater company as a teaching artist which was a great memorable experience for her. Later on she attended college and received an Associate's in Mental Health and Human Services and through a work readiness program she got to internship at an organization specifically for women with disabilities. There she was given the opportunity to create a workshop titled: The Do's and Don'ts of Fashion in the Workplace where she taught young women with various disabilities how to dress for a job interview as well as how to apply makeup. Not only was this a great learning experience for her but one that was very rewarding as well. 
Last year after moving from Brooklyn New York to South Florida Kirsy launched her personal blog titled Barrier Free Me. There she shares her love of fashion and beauty as well as other things that are close to her heart.
FACEBOOK:  Barrier Free Me
INSTAGRAM: @barrierfreeme
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WEBSITE:  BarrierFreeMe.me

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