Monique, Kebra & Raw Beauty Project Charlotte

The Raw Beauty Project, an innovative arts project that celebrates women with disabilities, educating viewers to redefine perceptions and beauty, unleashing potential for all. This photography exhibit is a collaboration between professional photographers and women living with various types of disabilities that showcases their beauty, power and passion.

The result is a powerful and impactful tool for education, self-acceptance and empowerment. The viewers, not only learn about women with disabilities but also often learn about themselves and are motivated to overcome the challenges in their own lives. On September 20, 2014, The Raw Beauty Project was debuted in Manhattan.  The exhibit has resonated with media across the world, igniting a global conversation and has been featured in Oprah Magazine, and Huffington Post, to name a few. You can see a full list of the media on the website.  Thus far, Raw Beauty Project NYC has been to Miami, New York City and Washington DC.  

Menopause and the SCI Woman

by Patty, BSN, RNC

The Rollin RN  

MENOPAUSE……Let’s break down the word. It equates to a pause in your menses. PAUSE…..heck, it means A LOT more than a PAUSE.  That definition made me chuckle.  I believe it’s one of the most dreaded words in a woman’s dictionary.  The word means more than the end of your monthly periods, painful symptoms, and chocolate cravings.  It’s a dreaded word for all, females and males.  No, men don’t go through menopause, but they fear the emotions us women experience during the event of aging.  Wait until you get to the 35 symptoms of menopause mentioned later.   But does becoming a spinal cord injured woman cause a change in the events that occur?  This is an interesting question and one that I decided to explore.  

Jessica Cox: "Right Footed"

Jessica Cox has famously eliminated the words “I can’t” from her vocabulary. Although born without arms as the result of a birth defect, she has never allowed that to be a limiting factor.

While she suffered from self-esteem issues early on and physical challenges throughout her life, Jessica managed to overcome and achieve — earning a college degree and a Tae Kwon Do black belt, learning to drive a car with her feet, type and play the piano with her toes and in 2008, fly an airplane! That feat landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records and led to an audience with the Pope, meetings with heads of state, and a great deal of media attention.
In 2012, she was married to her boyfriend of two years, karate instructor, Patrick Chamberlain. She was able to put his ring on and feed him cake with her toes, stating her wedding, was "A dream come true"! Her website is

She has turned the tables on her so-called “disability”, allowing it to enable her as a motivational speaker and advocate in the USA and beyond. It's not surprising that Jessica is the subject of an award winning, feature length documentary called Right Footed that has been sweeping through the film festival circuit and is now available for screenings. 


Beauty solutions to Make a mobileWOMAN’s Life Easier!

By Wendy Crawford

Eyelash Tinting

Let’s face it, to say that getting ready in the morning can be time-consuming, is a colossal understatement! For some of us, we could've had an entirely other career in the time it takes for our medical care, showering and getting dressed! Often our morning beauty regime gets cut short and it doesn't allow us to spend the time on ourselves that we would have liked.
For this very reason, we have compiled a few long-lasting beauty solutions to make your life easier so you have more time to get out there and do all the amazing things that you do!

Hair Removal:
Shaving, waxing, tweezing, plucking - ugh! It never ends! Just when one area is taken care of, another one sprouts up again. It is especially difficult for those with limited hand function to rely on others for hair removal (and at times, dangerous!). With warmer weather around the corner, there’s no hiding under those multi layers of clothing. Fortunately, there are some permanent solutions available.
Note: Make certain that you consult a licensed professional that has experience in the procedure that you are interested in.