Signs that You May Have NOT Made the Best Choice in Your Personal Aide

By mobileWOMEN

Many of us rely on others to help us with our daily activities, whether it be our personal care, housework, transportation, etc. Their work is vital, valuable and, for some of us, absolutely necessary in order to live healthy, productive lives. Once we find the right aide, the world is lifted from our shoulders and we can then relax and focus on whatever is important to us. We should never underestimate their importance and be grateful every day for their dedication, hard work, and patience.

The unfortunate part is that it is not always easy (okay, to be honest, it is extremely difficult) to find the right helper who can meet our needs. More often than not, the person does seem like the right match in the beginning, but the situation can go south rather quickly! We spoke to some mobileWOMEN and compiled our top 10 list of “so crazy that they are comical” indicators that the wrong helper was hired. In these cases, these mobileWOMEN’s radar completely malfunctioned and a bad decision was definitely made when hiring them. Note: All of the situations below are TRUE and, yes, actually happened. Thankfully, they refer to different people.

I realize that I may have not chosen the best helper when:
  • My mother and I went to a restaurant with my new helper and she pulled out a switchblade and proceeded to carve her initials into the table!
  • My aide told me that I had evil spirits surrounding me and they were chasing her because she was pure and a good person! Unfortunately, she was not joking.
  • She asked me if she should massage my husband after a long day’s work, since I had mentioned when hiring her that I needed her to be my “hands” and help around the house.
  • My aide came in for work, laughing because her 11-year-old daughter had to tell her to stop driving in the middle of the road on her way to my house. She’d obviously had too much to drink.
  • I found out that she did not have a valid driver’s license after she drove my van up over a median and hit some trees because she had confused the gas pedal with the brakes. The best part is that she asked the valet at my apartment building to park my vehicle with trees still protruding out the windows!
  • When she barged in while I was showering and announced that she had two husbands.
  • She almost set my house on fire. She had told me that she did not smoke, yet apparently would sneak around to the corner of the house, when she felt the need. I found out when she threw her cigarette into the mulch in the garden, setting it and a bush next to the house on fire!
  • I asked her to cut my food and she shredded my food with her finger nails (and no, she did not wash her hands first)!
  • When I almost got into a car accident because I didn't have a clear view of the road and asked her if it was okay to proceed. She gave a resounding, “Yes!” and once I proceeded into the intersection, yelled, “After this car!”
  • Okay, this time, this one did not get hired because she stated during the interview that she was divorced because she had an affair on her husband. She then told me that he remarried and his wife was a b-tch and she planned on making their life a “living hell” during the upcoming holidays! It's good to know that sometimes our radar works and we see the red flag.
     Please comment with any examples that you’ve experienced! We’d love to hear from you!

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