Great Apps for Women Using Wheelchairs

By Gemma Fletcher

Why not use modern technology to add a touch of convenience to your daily routine? Here are some of the best apps for disabled women:

Stepping Stones

This app is ideal for women who have recovered from traumatic brain injuries, have epilepsy or other conditions that affect memory. Women (and men!) with short term memory loss or learning disabilities that make it more challenging to remember the sequence of events or follow instructions will find the Stepping Stones App an invaluable tool to assist them in their household or business tasks.

You can create your own visual guide using your own photographs as prompts. Disabled parents could also find this useful for parenting activities - for instance - by creating prompts for changing diapers or making lunch.
The app costs 99 cents.


Every wheelchair user understands the frustration of finding wheelchair-friendly restrooms and parking spaces on a day out. If you don't want a lack of facilities to spoil your social life, you could try the Wheelmate app. Wheelmate has more than 30,000 locations for toilets and parking spots across 45 different countries. Locate your nearest toilet or find out if a venue you want to visit is accessible before you set off.
The app is completely free to download.

Alternatively, if you'd also like to know which bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels are accessible, you could download the 'It's Accessible' app - a must before going on a date!

The Wheelchair Calorimeter

If you're interested in keep fit and you'd like to know how many calories you use when exercising in your manual wheelchair, you can use this app. Simply program in your body weight and the weight of your wheelchair and the GPS device will log the distance you travel as well as altitude changes to estimate the number of calories burned. You will need a good cell connection to receive accurate estimations.
The app costs 99 cents.

Let's Roll Wheelchair Tennis

If you're interested in sports but don't know how, the Let's Roll Wheelchair app is an easy to use, step by step video tutorial that shows you how to play wheelchair tennis. The video tutor is sixth time tennis world champion, David Hall, so you know you're getting the very best instruction.
The app is completely free.

Trip Trip Horray

The Trip Trip Horray app is great for planning your family vacation. If you've done the holiday from hell and you don't fancy going through the trauma again, with Trip Trip Horray you can plan your holiday abroad or nearer to home with the assurance that the places you choose are wheelchair accessible. If you have a baby or young child or any special dietary needs you can also find venues that accommodate these.
The app is free.

Baby Buddy App

The Baby Buddy app by Best Beginnings is an app designed for mothers who have learning disabilities and may struggle to understand parenting instructions that are set out in a traditional way. The app gives information is easy to absorb bite size chunks. If reading is a problem, there is an option to have the text read aloud. There are also short videos on various parenting topics like breastfeeding and diaper changing. It also includes a dictionary of phrases that mothers can refer to when taking their baby to medical appointments.
The app is free.

Dating 4 Disabled

If you haven't found Mr or Mrs Right yet and want to meet likeminded disabled people for friendships and possible romance, you could try the Dating 4 Disabled app. Through your mobile device you can meet new friends or maybe even your future husband or wife. You can meet other disabled people in a safe online community.
This app is available from Google Play.
Dating 4 Disabled has its own website where you can search through photos of prospective dates, make searches for your ideal partner and join forums.

Resources for You

Trip Trip Horray - Planning Your Wheelchair Friendly Holiday Abroad.
Baby Buddy - Parenting Guide for Parents with Learning Difficulties.
Dating 4 Disabled - Finding Friendship and Love with Other Disabled People.
Cover for Your Ipad or Tablet for Repairs or Replacement so You Don't Lose Your Apps!

About the Author:
"I've been working as a writer now for the last year or so, after giving up a career in the city - working in the finance sector. I found it really stressful and once I became a mom, more difficult to juggle alongside my desire to see my two children brought up properly - and how I wanted them to be. In my spare time, I worked as a volunteer for a mental health charity, I'm someone who has always suffered from high anxiety and depression - working with people who had the same problems as me also made me reassess and step back. I'm now a bit happier than I was, and working towards a career that still has challenges, but allows me more freedom"  ` Gemma Fletcher

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