See Beyond Spotlight

By Tamara Mena

Some things have happened in my career in Los Angeles months ago, and as a result, I found myself feeling so disappointed and frustrated.

I knew what I wanted to do, and that was to host, to interview people, to make a difference with my communications degree, and to make a difference with my voice - the voice that I'm so lucky to have gained back after I lost it during my accident...

It was tough because I knew I wanted to move forward, but wasn't sure how to go about it. I wasn't going to give up on the reason that I moved out here to LA for.... But that process was never easy, far from easy!

When "See Beyond" was born, I didn't have the name yet, just the concept. This online show that I was about to produce, was seriously born from seeing beyond my circumstances at the time, seeing beyond the discrimination and the resistance I had faced - just seriously seeing BEYOND MYSELF and "my story" and wanting to highlight OTHER PEOPLE so that TOGETHER we can encourage people to see past DIFFERENCES and become more open and accepting of each other!

This process of producing seven videos (this is our seventh episode! ), has been much harder than I can express, on so many levels! I think anybody who starts something from the ground up, will understand because it takes so much work. It truly takes heart and passion and you gotta see the vision and believe in it, even when other people might not believe in it nor understand it...And you just gotta stay strong and not give up!

I've had my breakdowns throughout this process. I'm only human...

I could not have done this without a doubt, without the HUGE help talent and work by Danny Garcia of dgtalFILM, who believed in my vision ever since I told him about the project. We were fortunate to meet through The Raw Beauty Project LA: Danny was one of the photographers who volunteered and I was one of the models being featured. I will always be thankful for Danny and my biggest supporters and motivators, my loving fiancé Chris and my wonderful mom, Martha who is always encouraging me, in the best possible way!

There's other people who've supported this project!

So here we are on our 7th episode, launching “SEE BEYOND SPOTLIGHT”!
Looking at this video makes me want to cry as it reminds me that everything has been worth it, that I need to keep on going by highlighting amazing stories, organizations and individuals and just keep ENCOURAGING people!!

Tamara with Kanya Sesser
Also, SPECIAL thanks to the amazing Kanya Sesser, double amputee surfer, skier and actress, for her amazing interview with us!! We love and support you!!!

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We're on Fb and Ig as @seebeyondtv and there's a playlist on youtube,

More than ANYTHING, I hope you enjoy the content and that it motivates you and encourages to ALWAYS SEE BEYOND and NEVER GIVE UP!!! #belimitless

Enjoy this BRAND NEW EPISODE OF SEE BEYOND TV! Feel free to share!
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