Unstoppable You

By Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt
Tracy Schmitt, humanitarian, advocate & award winning athlete

Tracy has an engaging way of embracing the moment. With every obstacle, Tracy looks for a positive signal and draws strength from that symbol. There is a magic about Tracy. Without even trying to, Tracy educates people on how to be unstoppable. We all benefit her dream to have the world see ‘people’ first.
~ Barry Spilchuk, #1 bestselling co-author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Have you been underestimated, and disrespected, or have faced resistance for even trying?

Do you occasionally end up not getting the results you are looking for, or held back by self-doubt?

Are there roadblocks and insurmountable obstacles in every direction that you reached a point where you think you can’t do it anymore, any better, or in any other way?

Do you fear going 'all in' plagued with uncertainty not knowing how?

Black Card Books presents Unstoppable You by Tracy Schmitt
EXCERPT from Unstoppable YOU

Them Bones, Them Bones and the Spinal Cord Injured

Credit: Mitzie Bower
By "The Rollin' RN", Patty Kunze BSN, RNC and Roberta Palmer, RN
The term “Osteoporosis”……what comes to mind?  An elderly person?  Post-menopausal woman? But what does bone density loss mean to the spinal cord injured individual?  Actually it’s quite an important term since we no longer use our legs or extremities as we once did prior to our injury. This article was assisted by a fellow nurse who is also spinal cord injured and is being treated for osteoporosis.  So I tapped into her knowledge for constructing this topic.
Osteoporosis is loss of minerals in the bones that makes them weak and prone to breaking. It is not only a common complication for people with SCI, but it’s a common diagnosis to all of who is spinal cord injured.   There has been a great deal of discussion on this topic lately since a lot of SCI people want to remain active but have run into complications with their joints, bones, etc.  
In the time period shortly after the spinal cord has been injured the bones may start to lose calcium for reasons not yet fully identified.  That and the inability to put weight on the bones of the body is a set up for osteoporosis.  Many SCI’s have found that by just transferring into bed can cause a bone to crack or simply exercising and a bone snaps.  The question is why???

Spring Cleaning For Your Face

By Kirsy Rodriguez

Can you believe it, springtime is already here! But hey, no complaining over here. Springtime is one of my most favorite times of the year. This is the season of rebirth. Even though I live in Florida where seasons don't really exist, you can still see the change in the landscape. The grass is greener. More flowers are blooming and there's literally a song in the air with all the new baby birds flying around. I simply just love it!

Another thing I love about this time of year is spring cleaning.  My type of "spring cleaning" is a little bit different than what you may be used to. My version of spring cleaning is actually for your face. Yep, you read that right!

I mean, I take care of my skin all year round but usually during late winter I tend to get a little bit lazy and skip out on the extra things that make a world of  difference on my skin. This results in my skin looking dry and dull. If your skin is looking dry and dull, I’ve got the perfect DIY face mask for you.  So if you have never done an at-home facial but always wondered how to go about it, well wonder no more because I'm about to share with you my at-home facial routine.