Gadgets for Independence Series: Kitchen

By Wendy Crawford & Robyn Keller

In our last “Gadgets for Independence” article, we shared with you some helpful gadgets for those with limited hand function that are specifically for cutting items like packages, paper, envelopes etc. For this article, we would like to focus specifically on utensils that are for the kitchen.

When I was younger, cooking was not very important to me. I had my injury at 19 years old and making dinner was the last thing on my mind! Now, I actually miss the occasional times that I would cook or bake and would love to expand my skills.

Also, the older that I get, the more important it is to me to nourish my body with nutrient dense, nonprocessed and organic, when possible, foods. Most of the time, this requires making your own meals unless you are fortunate to have a restaurant that serves healthy options close by but that gets expensive!

For many, food is a passion (I’m one of them!) and cooking as a way to express yourself and your love for others. It can also be relaxing and therapeutic. Robyn ( Outreach Coordinator and hard-core foodie) is my inspiration and has been cooking for many years with her C6/7 level spinal cord injury, researching recipes and preparing amazing dishes! (Watch her in action, in her Reeve Minute cooking video.)

Let's face it though, limited hand function in the kitchen, can be challenging and even dangerous, at times.

Robyn has compiled a list of her favorite gadgets with her comments and some other resources to overcome some of these obstacles. We haven’t  tried all of them yet and just want to be clear that we do not receive any reimbursement for promotion.

So find or reconnect with your inner chef, “wow” your friends while nourishing your body with healthy options!

Kitchen Aid Cook’s Series  Mezzaluna and Sheath A little while ago I saw a post on Women With SCI/Disabilities featuring this rocker knife. So I ordered it! I really love it because I can slide my hand in the opening and cut things very easily.  Just be careful because it is very sharp.

Chef’N Palm Peeler  I love this Palm Peeler, you need very little hand function to use it and it works great! I also love the Palm Scrubber, it is great for cleaning your vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. 

Palmzester: I found this palmzester which is great! I have larger zesters and can’t use them because they are just too cumbersome so try it out!

Norco Universal Quad Cuff: This is the cuff I use to hold my cooking utensils. It has a velcro strap and you can adjust it to fit different size utensils. Plus it has a rubbery cylinder that the cuff wraps around so it really grips the utensil you are using. I keep a few around when I cook so I can use different tools as needed. In fact, I just ordered two more when I was searching for the correct link!!

Now for some good choppers! 
Kitchen Aid Food Chopper: I have a mini food processor that works great for small jobs Here is a good one, but they can be costly but it is a one time purchase!  This one comes in a variety of fun colors.

Out of all of the Manual Food Choppers I have used, I really like Pampered Chef’s the best. It’s easy to use and you can put all of the parts in the dishwasher! 

OXO Angled Measuring Cups These are great measuring cups, the measurements are easy to see and they are lightweight; unlike glass measuring cups which can be heavy. They also have the OXO Good Grip handles

Magic Tap  After posting this article, one of our members, Sue Vilchez, shared this great gadget. So we wanted to add it to our article so everyone would know about it!

You’ll find more helpful products at:

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