Announcing an Exciting Partnership and Trip to Spain and Morocco!

Travel is a learning opportunity that everyone should experience. New cultures, cuisines, sights, and sounds provide countless opportunities to indulge and stimulate the senses. Not only does being in another country expand your knowledge and intercultural awareness but it is also a journey of self-discovery and adventure!

Fortunately, many countries are seeking ways to create diversity and inclusion for travelers with ‘Specific Requirements’ and providing many accessible options. It’s important to remember though, the world is not 100% accessible; however, if you are okay with a few bumps in the road, anything is possible! is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Travel for All, a travel agency specializing in accessible travel. These mobileWOMEN understand firsthand, the challenges of traveling with a disability and have the knowledge, experience and passion to create a memorable vacation, custom designed to your specific wants, needs and budget.

Lindsey Becker: Meant To Shine

Lindsey Becker is an Entertainment Journalist currently living in Tennessee. Lindsey is a wheelchair user who was born with Spina Bifida. Growing up, she was on the first ever "wheelcheerleading" and dance team and through her involvement in the Spina Bifida community and being a participant of the ABLE Youth program, she had opportunities to travel all over the country at a very young age. She went on to study Early Childhood Education at Middle Tennessee State University.

In 2007, Lindsey met her husband, Wes, in a very “meant to be” way, and they began their life together in middle Tennessee. Wes is a medically retired Marine Corps veteran who is also a wheelchair user due to a motorcycle accident. Although they had met one other time in 2005 shortly after Wes’ accident, fate intervened again and they were reintroduced through Lindsey’s roommate who just happened to be a friend of Wes’ too. Lindsey and Wes married in 2009.

No Limits: How to Get Started Exercising!

Regular Muscle Exercise Could Help Reduce Pain & Disability Associated with Lower Back Pain 
By Lucy Lawrence
 Ahhh…nothing like beautiful summer days. Gathering with friends and family for picnics, barbeques and road trips to favorite vacation spots, become the priority and next thing we know, our schedule is jam-packed until September. Unfortunately, sometimes our fitness regimen gets put aside when actually, it’s an ideal time to get moving and enjoy the outdoors.

Exercising has amazing benefits: It relieves stress, releases mood-boosting endorphins and increases self-esteem. If you have limited mobility however, you may think that it is too difficult for you to exercise. Fortunately, this is not the case; regardless of age and physical condition, there are many ways to make exercise a part of your life and enjoy its many, many benefits.

Before you start, no matter how you feel, remember to get medical clearance from your primary doctor. Also, it is helpful to get a baseline of your general health so you can measure your progress later on. Talking to your doctor about any concerns or doubts, will help you feel more secure and confident. If you are unsure where to begin or what exercises would be appropriate, consider reaching out to an exercise professional, as they can guide you to avoid injuries and have more effective workouts.