Exciting Changes Ahead: A Letter from mobileWOMEN’s Founder

By Wendy Crawford

In 2002, mobileWOMEN.org was created by women in wheelchairs who were having difficulty finding answers to their questions related to health, fashion, relationships, and more. Even the most basic information was very difficult to find. Women with disabilities were seldom represented in the media and, if we were, oftentimes we were portrayed as victims; however, we knew that the outside world was not an accurate reflection of our strong community. Despite the lack of resources, we were dynamic women who were having children, pursuing careers, competing in professional sports and becoming community leaders. 

We wanted to create an accessible online community and provide a platform where our voices could be heard; where we could share dreams, projects, experiences, insights, day-to-day triumphs and even frustrations. We have learned there is no better resource than one another.

As founder and editor, I am proud of the fact that our community has grown and expanded, arming women with knowledge in over ten countries. mobileWOMEN.org is thankful for the support from W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, The California Endowment Fund and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. I am extremely grateful for our contributors who have volunteered their time and expertise throughout the years. I can’t help but be in awe of their fortitude, wisdom, generosity and courage to share their personal stories and experiences. 

Because of the efforts of all differently-abled women worldwide, I am thrilled to say that there has been an exciting shift, a revolution, so to speak. More and more, we see diversity in the media, examples of inclusion, an increase in representation, and traditional beauty standards being redefined. That being said, there is still work to do, glass ceilings to break and goals to be achieved, but we are on our way! mobileWOMEN have found their voice and are finally being heard. 

Bethany Hoppe
Personally, I feel like this is the perfect time for me to move onto the next phase of my life and start a new chapter. I am not sure where this chapter is going to lead, but I am excited at the possibilities. I am beyond thrilled that mobileWOMEN.org will now be in the capable hands of Bethany Hoppe, one of our long-time devoted contributors! Bethany, who truly manages to “do it all”, is a mother, wife, university instructor, advocate, author, athlete, model and screenwriter. She has an undeniable passion to empower women with disabilities and to strengthen our community. I am confident that Bethany will bring an exciting, new perspective to mobileWOMEN.org and elevate it to new heights.  

I'm truly thankful that life’s challenges has led me to connect with amazing, resilient and powerful women like yourselves. I thank you for your support, your love and kinship over the years.  I treasure all that I have learned and the lifelong friendships that I’ve made. There is no denying that there is a special bond that exists between all of us, a common thread that unites us and, as a result, makes us stronger. I encourage you to continue to uplift and support one another. Together we are unstoppable!

As Margaret Mead once said,”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

COMING SOON! Watch for the newly designed site with a fresh look and most importantly, the same informative content that you've come to expect at mobileWOMEN.org!