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I am so excited to introduce all of you to our updated mobileWOMEN website! But first, it is without delay that I want to express my gratitude to our founder, Wendy Crawford, for creating this premiere online magazine for women who use wheelchairs. Because of Wendy’s passion, creative spark, and charisma for great ideas that benefit women with disabilities, mobileWOMEN has developed into one of the leading online resources for women to seek advice, share ideas with one another, and interact with one another. mobileWOMEN publishes contributor and guest blogger articles on a bi-weekly format. Many of our articles talk about romance, personal stories and experiences, or they point us toward credible sources to find solutions to our unique health challenges and concerns. And as always ~ we use our magazine and community to celebrate our achievements together.
Beyond the online magazine, our mobileWOMEN Facebook page extends a closed, private venue for our community of women with disabilities to have discussions, ask questions, and share information with one another in virtual real-time. By joining our online Facebook Group, you can also keep up with announcements, new features in the magazine, and of course humor and inspirational Memes! These and other inceptions developed by Wendy and the mobileWOMEN team, will always be a part of our design – it is what we’re about!

Wendy Crawford: Founder
I’d like to invite you to take a moment to get to know the new layout in mobileWOMEN Magazine. Many features have been consolidated or streamlined for your convenience, with more archived publications being added as we progress. Some standout articles have already been loaded into specialized categories of Health & Relationships, Travel, or Fashion & Entertainment. The Resource page has been updated with live links to products, services, and organizations, with additions being plugged in all the time. Plus there is now a Contact Form if ever you want to reach out to us. If you would like to learn more about our contributing writers, you can read their profiles, here.

As we continue to grow, look for new features, too! Some concepts that are in development include an advice column where subscribers can submit questions anonymously. One of our contributing writers, based on the nature of the question and their knowledge or experience of the subject, will post select questions and answers to our website, and on our Facebook page. Also in development, we are working on opening a Store for mobileWOMEN merchandise, alongside shopping links to collaborating vendors. More on those ideas will come at a later date – so stay tuned!
Welcome – we are excited to begin our new adventure together with you! Leave us a comment, just say “Hi!” or let us know what you would like to see more of in mobileWOMEN Magazine! Be sure to subscribe to our email list on our new site so you do not miss a thing! Have a great week – stay tuned to hear all about Fashion Week from our next guest blogger, Alicia Searcy of Fashion is 4 Everybody!

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