The New Normal - Perks?

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride!  I still feel the faint wisps of my New Year's Eve personal declaration, "Yes!  2020 is gonna be my year!!" (alongside throngs of other people around the globe).

For me, 2020 meant there was monthly travel within the United States with some of my volunteer work, starting in March and extending through June.  All of that ended on a dime as events became virtual, or were cancelled altogether.  Additionally, a major project I've been working on launching the fundraising portion also had to be delayed to 2021.

Overnight, school were closed and homeschooling my first grade son became my number one priority.  On top of it all, both my husband and I had to reconfigure our work schedules (I was accustomed to working from home with the private time to do so), the home schedule (everybody is all the time), the family dynamics (I'm going outside for a minute-hour-I'm-hiding) to ensure each person had their necessary solitude and privacy during quarantine.

Throughout the pandemic and quarantine, one theme that kept popping up was one of "The New Normal."  For much of the disability community, the new normal was already the normal (or at least semi-normal).  Approaches to work and life that the disability community has said were possible and necessary for decades -- such as working from home, remote jobs, delivery services, fee waivers for many services, greater independence,  and a boost to smarter uses of our technology -- suddenly overnight became readily available.  It was almost amusing to see how quickly services and methods of communication that would-have-and-could-have greatly benefitted our community ages ago, immediately became "the new normal."

Post-pandemic, hopefully we will see a continued streamlining of services, networking, remote work, artistic sharing, and information flowing to us, which would end up being a wonderful "new normal."

Here at Mobile Women, we realized we had an opportunity to make positive, impactful changes as well. In the spirit of creating additional positive "new normals," Mobile Women (the website) will be shifting to the private Facebook platform only.

Gradually we will no longer host a separate website.  Instead, we are opening up our organization to being more community run and people generated through the private closed group Facebook platform.   

You, our Mobile Women members, will have the opportunity to publish stories to our private FB group, share new resources you have discovered, comment on articles, submissions, conversation starters, and posts in real time.  We plan to transition to the FB platform over the next month.  By July the website content will be operated solely through the FB group.  By August the website will be shut down.

We will still have moderators, you can still ask questions through the FB group messaging system that one of our moderators will reply to.  By July you will still be able to access existing Resources via a PDF file on Facebook, while new resources will become a living stream of links via posts by our members.

Essentially, we are already doing much of this.  The only difference will be that there will no longer be the need to click off of Facebook group and travel to an off-site webpage for resources, comments, full articles, and info.  Everything will be in our closed group -- which makes it simpler for you, our readers and community members.

Look for posts and prompts from us on the Facebook Group page as we transition.  We're looking forward to creating a more interactive platform, open up participation among members, and expand to more easily include women with disabilities from around the world.

If we are to face a "new normal,"  let's have our say and create our own ways of communicating, sharing, and contributing to one another with support, resources, stories, conversations, and articles.   For you.  By you.