Better Together in 2021


Hello Ladies!  We at mobileWOMEN are so excited to move forward with our networking improvements as we head into Spring 2021!  As previously mentioned, we announced that we were shifting our online presence to our private Facebook Group to offer more real-time communication, open discussion, further outreach to women with disabilities beyond our borders, and to create events!

We are happy to announce that those plans are beginning to mature - mobileWOMEN will be hosting its first mobileWOMEN Social Hour on International Wheelchair Day, March 1st, 2021!  We are looking forward to virtually meeting everyone for great conversation and an opportunity to reach out to other women with disabilities during (what we hope) are the final stages of quarantine!  

To apply to be a member of the private online community of women with disabilities, go to our Facebook mobileWOMEN group by clicking on the live linked title (or by clicking here).  There will be three membership questions to answer, and after a quick review, you will become part of a growing network of fabulous women with disabilities who are changing the face of the disability community through outreach, writing, advocacy, business, and art!  As a friendly reminder -- this private group is for women with disabilities only.  Our unique structure allows for women to open up and communicate with one another, ask questions, request resources, get advice, and share personal stories in real-time.  For this reason, mobileWOMEN is not open to men.  At mobileWOMEN we believe that women with disabilities - still the most vulnerable and underserved American population - deserve a place of refuge, safety, and sisterhood without concern that our relationships and concerns are not at risk.  

The Resource Page has been preserved and our Editor is in the process of verifying each of the links continue to be valid.  Once that process is complete, a PDF will be uploaded to our private Facebook Group for your convenience.  Periodically, we will highlight a resource as a post.  And as always, we are available to questions, comments, referrals, or networking.

As a closing note, please be advised that the info@mobilewomen email will expire March 12, 2021.  You may still contact the mobileWOMEN team via Messenger on Facebook with the assurance that only the facilitators will view your questions and comments, and your information will never be shared.  

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the first-ever mobileWOMEN Social Hour on International Wheelchair Day!  You can RSVP the event on the private FB page where you'll also see the link to join us!

Until Then!  Be well, stay safe, stay healthy!

[Illustration Credit:  Kell Kitsch]

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