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Accessible Travel & Tourism Worldwide

Addiction Treatment Centers for the Physically & Mentally Disabled

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Guide for Disabled

Aging in Place National Council for Aging Care

American Association on Health and Disability - Phone: (301) 545-6140

American Dance Wheels Foundation

Arthritis Research Foundation


The Badminton Lounge: A ParaBadminton Blog by Rouben

Beyond Disability: The Fe Fe Stories (DVD)


CareCure Community

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Women with Disabilities

Center for Neuro Recovery

Cerebral Palsy Group

Consumer Safety Guide

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center - Toll Free: 1-800-539-7309


Disability Today Network

Disabled Women: Vision and Voices from the Fourth World Conference on Women (YouTube)

Disabled Women on the Web

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities

DrugWatch - Phone: (800) 452-0949


Easter Seals Thrive Program

Extraordinary Bodies: Figuring Physical Disability in American Culture and Literature by Rosemarie Garland Thomson (1997)


Facing Disability - Phone: (312)284-2525

Ffora - Designed to be Seen wheelchair attachments and accessories


Gendering Disability  by Bonnie G. Smith and Beth Hutchison (2004)


A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities (or)


Independent Living Institute: Women with Disabilities links

The Injury Cooperative

The IPC: International Paralympic Committee


Jason's Connection

Jobs for Students with Disabilities: A Guide


Key Changes: A Portrait of Lisa Thorson (Video) - To order contact Fanlight Productions


The Little Couple (Television Series)


MS Foundation for Women - 1-800-532-7667 or

Mammacare - Toll Free: 1-800-626-2273

Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities

Medication Management for People with Disabilities (Guide)

MOMENT by MOMENT: The Healing Journey of Molly Hale (Documentary)


National Disability Theatre: Professional theatre artists creating fully accessible world-class storytelling

New Mobility Magazine

Not Just Surviving (Documentary)

Nursing Home Abuse Center - and and


Office on Women's Health

Our Own Best Advocates: Breast Health for Women with Disabilities (Documentary Guide)



PATHWAYS to WELLNESS: Your Guide to the Healing Arts and Sciences

Push Living



Ramp Your Voice: A self-advocacy & empowerment movement for people with disabilities

The Raw Beauty Project

The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability.  by Susan Wendell (1996)


SCI Total Fitness

Self-Defense: The Basics (Training Video)

Spina Bifida Association of America

Spinal Cord Injury Information Network - Phone: 205-934-3283 TDD: 205-934-4642


Sports-N-Spokes Magazine

The National Spinal Cord Injury Association (United Spinal) - Phone: (301) 214-4006

Step Change Studios Accessible Dance for Everyone (London)


The Transverse Myelitis Association

Tuck Advanced Better Sleep Products for People with Disabilities


United Spinal Association - Phone: (718) 803-3782

Unruly Bodies: Life Writing by Women with Disabilities. by Susannah B. Mintz (2007)

US Disability Benefits Guide


Venus on Wheels: Two Decades of Dialogue on Disability, Biography, and Being Female in America. by Gelya Frank (2000)


Walk-In Bathtub Guide

We Will Ride Ending the wait for equal access in the automotive industry

“What Happened to You?” Writings by Disabled Women. by Lois Keith (1996)


Wine on Wheels: Where wine aficionados raise awareness and funds for the disability community

With Wings: An Anthology of Literature By and About Women with Disabilities.  by Marsha Saxton and Florence Howe (1987)

Women with Disabilities: Found Voices.  by Mary Willmuch and Lillian Holcomb (1993)

Women with Disabilities Aging Well: A Global View.  by Patricia Noonan Walsh and Barbara LeRoy (2004)

Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities: Multiple Intersections, Multiple Issues, Multiple Therapies.  by Martha E. Banks and Ellyn Kaschak (2003)




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